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Battle Warship: Naval Empire is a mobile game with a battleship theme. Players can own their own fleet while playing this game. Battle Warship: Naval Empire realistically portrays the brutality of naval warfare, where warships, despite their strength, are also very vulnerable to artillery attacks. This mobile game is especially suitable for friends interested in military matters because it features many warship models that only military enthusiasts would understand. With this guide, you can learn how to quickly upgrade and the basic gameplay mechanics.

Battle Warship: Naval Empire

How to level up quickly in Battle Warship: Naval Empire?

Every game has a leveling system, and the higher your level, the greater your breakthrough in strength. With a higher level, more gameplay options become available, as many features require a certain level to unlock. So, how can you level up quickly in Battle Warship: Naval Empire? 

Firstly, when you first enter the game, it's essential to follow the beginner's guide and complete the tasks. At the beginning, task rewards provide the most experience, making it the fastest and most rewarding way to level up. 

Next, continuously challenge instances by selecting levels that match your own level and strength. Only by constantly challenging instances can you consistently gain experience. Even if the experience gained is small, every bit counts, so don't waste any. This is the secret to leveling up quickly.

Of course, while leveling up, it's also important to strengthen your own abilities. Only by improving your strength can you pass instance levels faster and more easily, thus speeding up your progress. Once your speed increases, you can choose to challenge higher-level instance levels. In addition to these, it's necessary to complete the remaining activities every day to accelerate your leveling progress.

Battle Warship: Naval Empire Gameplay Strategy

Evasion flow is a popular tactical concept in Battle Warship: Naval Empire, which involves utilizing high evasion values to dodge enemy cannon attacks and achieve victory in battles. It is effective in both campaign missions and competitive PvP battles. Today, I will explain how to play the evasion flow strategy. There is no specific core ship for the evasion flow strategy; any flagship with skills that increase the team's evasion value can be used as the flagship for the evasion flow fleet. For example, G26 submarines and C035 submarines can both serve as the flagship. However, today I will recommend a more unconventional evasion flow strategy that focuses on evasion while strengthening defense. The recommended flagship is the Snowstorm destroyer, an S+ rank orange ship known for its powerful attack, defense, HP, and a speed of 200, deserving the title of the strongest warship. Its skill, Deadly Torpedo, can deal significant explosive damage to the three enemy targets with the lowest HP.

The key is the flagship skill, Escort Defense, which increases the artillery defense, explosive defense, and evasion value of all ships in the fleet, greatly enhancing the fleet's survival capabilities. This is why Snowstorm is chosen as the core of the evasion flow strategy. Other combinations of the evasion flow strategy generally suffer from low HP and defense, making them vulnerable to enemy hit-crit strategies. On the other hand, the evasion flow strategy that emphasizes defense can be considered invincible, especially when combined with the core ships I will mention below. The other deployed ships also prioritize high evasion and outstanding defense. The front row core ship is the Prince heavy cruiser, an S+ rank heavy cruiser. It excels in speed, evasion, and defense, making it an excellent front-line tank. Its skill, Rapid Cannon Fire, can unleash artillery attacks on the entire front row, allowing it to withstand the enemy's tanks.

The second core ship in the front row is the Tsaritsyn battleship, also an S+ rank ship. Tsaritsyn has even higher evasion than the Prince. Its skill, Artillery Barrage, can directly attack the entire enemy back row, making it a formidable backline killer. When combined with the Prince's skill, it can achieve complete firepower coverage on all enemy ships. The core ships in the back row are the super dreadnought and H44 battleship, both with slightly lower HP and defense. These two S-rank orange ships have well-balanced attributes. The super dreadnought can attack the entire enemy fleet, while the H44 can attack the enemy back row. They are both skilled in dealing area-of-effect damage. They can safely occupy the back row and provide continuous firepower output. After selecting the flagship and core ships, the remaining positions can be customized based on individual circumstances. Aircraft carriers or submarines are both good choices as they can compensate for the fleet's lack of explosive output.

Battle Warship: Naval Empire

The formation of choice is the Circular Formation, which enhances the team's HP, maximizing the defensive benefits provided by the flagship skill. This creates a fleet with high evasion and good defense, forming an impenetrable force. In addition to daily activities and PvP, the fleet performs well in various cross-server events and resource occupation activities. Faced with such a fleet, the enemy is filled with despair and helplessness.


In Battle Warship: Naval Empire, there are various combat methods. The description above only introduced the gameplay of evasion flow. Different battle scenarios require different combat strategies, and they cannot be blindly applied, so they are not extensively described in the text. If you want to enhance your combat skills in Battle Warship: Naval Empire, you can use the Redfinger Android emulator to view more guides and analyze combat strategies for different situations.

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