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To become powerful in Honkai Impact 3, you need to acquire a large amount of experience points to level up your characters. For many beginners, this is challenging because they don't know how to quickly obtain experience and end up wasting a lot of unnecessary time. Therefore, the Redfinger Android emulator platform provides this guide.

Honkai Impact 3

Methods to Obtain Experience Points in Honkai Impact 3

1. Stage Clearing and Daily Tasks

To acquire experience points in Honkai Impact 3, the primary method is by successfully clearing stages and fulfilling daily tasks. It is crucial to prioritize completing all daily tasks to ensure you do not miss out on valuable experience. Managing stamina effectively becomes pivotal in this pursuit. Each day, you can accumulate 30 stamina points during both noon and evening periods. It is advisable to make two stamina purchases per day to optimize your progress. Additionally, it is important not to overlook the weekday stages and experience stages, as they offer significant rewards within a shorter time frame. For Valkyries seeking greater experience gains, challenging higher difficulty mode stages and event stages is a viable option.

2. Dormitory Deployment

In addition to following a systematic progression through stages, another option available is deploying Valkyries in the dormitory to undertake exploration tasks before resting. The experience obtained in the dormitory is determined by a conversion rate of 1 stamina point equalling 1 experience point. This serves as an alternative method for acquiring the experience required to level up.

3. Experience Cards Acquisition

To access your daily tasks, simply click on the task icon located at the top-left corner. Once you're in, click on the daily login option. Captains who are below level 50 can acquire a Honkai Impact 3 Commander Experience Chip. This chip, specifically designed for Commanders, grants them 50% of the primary commander experience chip (S).

Where to Find Honkai Impact 3 Experience Chips

1. Acquisition Methods

In the mobile game Honkai Impact 3, players can enhance their commander experience through two types of chips: the primary commander experience chip and the advanced commander experience chip. The primary chip grants a 50% experience bonus, while the advanced chip provides a more significant boost of 100%.

Rather than being obtained through dungeons or events or requiring any purchases, experience chips in this game are bestowed upon players as gifts directly from the system. When specific conditions are met, the system rewards players with commander experience bonus chips. By utilizing these chips during dungeon clearing, players can acquire the experience bonus they provide.

2. Location Introduction

There are three types of experience items available: learning chips for Valkyries, soul fragments/crystals for Stigmata, and ether fragments/crystals for weapons. These items can be used to increase experience points and level up quickly. In addition to providing inherent experience points, most experience items also offer bonus experience points. By giving these items to the corresponding units, you can enjoy their bonus effects. It is recommended to read the item description before using them to avoid any wastage. Experience items can be obtained in small quantities through the main storyline, while a large number of them can be acquired by challenging event stages in the Valkyrie Training Base. They can also be purchased in the shop, allowing captains to selectively buy them based on their economic situation. Upgrading the refining facility in the dormitory will produce experience items.

The lucky bag contains four-star purple materials, which can be exchanged for Yae Sakura costumes. These materials can also be obtained as drops in certain dungeons and exchanged for ether fragments: Azure. The ether fragments can be used to exchange for Himeko's Spring Festival Stigmata or Kiana's weapon. To obtain these materials, you can participate in the "Hommu" event in the event stages, similar to acquiring experience chips. There are three types of items that can be obtained: the "Azure" exchange ticket, which can be exchanged for some two-star materials and lucky bags; firecrackers; and lucky eggs. The first image on the first page represents the recent Spring Festival event called "Auspicious Knot," and the soul crystal featured is Himeko - Spring (Lower): Phoenix Spear. This soul crystal can be exchanged for Himeko's costume: Desert Camouflage. During the event, logging in daily or completing specific tasks will reward you with this item. The second image is from the side story series, and you can earn rewards by completing side story dungeons or achievements.

Honkai Impact 3

Fast Leveling Up

Firstly, when it comes to the base, it serves as a means to help players level up their characters. To maximize its effectiveness, it is advised to upgrade the Command Center to its highest level. Don't worry about the resource cost, as it can be replenished within approximately a month. Secondly, it is crucial for players to upgrade the Foundry. Each Valkyrie Training Room has specific unlocking requirements, necessitating the possession of the corresponding initial S-rank Valkyrie. It is recommended to upgrade the training room only when you have acquired that particular Valkyrie. As for the Hub Port and Refinery, it is not advisable to use purple materials for their upgrades unless you have an excess of two-star and three-star materials.

If your goal is to level up quickly, the fastest method is to progress through stages. Before reaching level 70, it is necessary for players to complete all chapters. For the first three chapters, players must clear all difficulties. Afterward, the leveling up speed can be adjusted. Experience chips cannot be directly consumed, so daily tasks should be diligently pursued. Once level 70 is reached, players can clear all difficulties at a pace of one or two stages per day if there is surplus stamina. Whether leveling up is a slow or fast process, as long as you engage in daily play, you will reap rewards. The speed of leveling up will impact the variation in rewards received.


To optimize the gaming experience in Honkai Impact 3 and enhance gameplay proficiency, it is crucial to prioritize swift leveling up. By comprehensively exploring this guide, every player can ascend to the status of a true master within this game.

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