Redfinger explores a new era of fantasy with you

🌈 On the shattered continent of Serafia, once the battleground of angels, the claws of magical pollution now make the earth weep. Fear not, the brave 'Breakers' of the submarine future have sworn to shuttle danger and uncover the truth of the world!🌊🚀

🦸‍♀️ Character charm Max!
"Breakers" is not only visually impressive; its narrative also has the potential to evoke a strong emotional response. By accompanying the characters on their journey, viewers can gain access to an exclusive, thought-provoking narrative that explores the deeper meanings behind each heartbeat.👭½
🌊 The Submarine is a unique vehicle that offers a new perspective on travel. It is not just a ship; it is the gateway to crossing the pollution zone and connecting the various mysterious continents. Join us on this deep fantasy journey together.

🗡️ Dynamic and appropriate combat aesthetics!
The game's combat system is designed to appeal to both strategy and action gamers. Players can choose to lead their team to victory, upgrade their skills, develop their roles, and enjoy the game.💥🛡️
🖌 The art style is noteworthy for its delicate lines and colour, evoking the aesthetic of the two yuan dream. Each scene is designed to be screenshot-ready, making it ideal for use as wallpaper. The elegant demeanour of these big factory-famous works is evident in the design.🖼️💖

📣 The much-anticipated exhibition star has arrived: "Breakers" has been showcased at the G-STAR 2023 Tokyo video game show and other major events. The trailer and real machine demo have generated significant interest among players and the media alike.🎉👀
Join Breakers: Unlock the World and discover the fantasy world in all its glory!🚀🌍
The Redfinger Cloud phone offers users the ability to free up their physical devices while ensuring uninterrupted game progress. It also provides the convenience of handling time-consuming daily tasks or challenges that require long time lines. Users can now start their adventure, combat and growth in the cloud, unlocking every secret of Breakers: Unlock the World.🚀🗺️