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In Crusaders Quest, there are over 150 types of weapons, over 100 types of active skills and special skills, and a staggering number of over 300 available heroes. Among them, nearly 200 characters have unique passive skill effects, and every combination of three characters can create a completely different gameplay. How to match them depends on the player's wisdom. Now let's introduce the cultivation strategies for several commonly used characters.

Crusaders Quest

Alita Cultivation Strategy

Alita excels as a skilled swordsman capable of launching assaults on the enemy's backline. Her attacks consist of continuous ranged strikes accompanied by debuff effects. Upon analyzing her abilities, it becomes apparent that they primarily bolster her own offensive capabilities and physical resilience. Executing her skills requires a certain level of technique.

Her active skill summons thorny vines that possess attack strength and duration determined by the number of consecutive blocks cleared. Contact with these thorny vines inflicts physical damage upon her foes. Meanwhile, her passive skill activates during the duration of the Thorny Vines ability, calling forth the Vines of Torment to strike enemies who launch attacks from a distance beyond her regular auto-attack range. This inflicts magic damage that scales with Alita's attack power. Additionally, enemies within the Bramble Domain, created by Alita's abilities, suffer reductions in their attack power and defense equivalent to Alita's physical defense.

Bass Cultivation Strategy

Based on his abilities, he synergizes well with heroes who can generate blocks, making him an excellent partner for Nine-tails. Bass falls under the category of magic burst heroes, as his skills indicate he can deliver extremely high burst damage. His active skill unleashes water droplets upon contact with enemies, dealing magical damage based on Bass's attack power. Additionally, he enters a state of water droplet absorption for 5 seconds. During this period, his passive skill generates water droplets equal to the number of consecutive blocks used by allies or enemies. Once 3 water droplets are gathered, Bass's next automatic attack is triggered, with each water droplet inflicting 250% of his attack power as magical damage. Furthermore, the water droplets enhance Bass's magic penetration by 100%.

Ram Resal Cultivation Strategy

Ram Resal is a formidable mage known for his extraordinary damage output. His passive ability revolves around utilizing his 3-block skill after clearing his blocks. Upon activation, this skill unleashes a devastating magical attack with Karvados, dealing 700% of Ram Resal's attack power as damage. Additionally, for a duration of 8 seconds, his critical damage is heightened by 20%.

Furthermore, when Ram Resal employs his 3-block skill after clearing his blocks, it not only inflicts 700% of his attack power as magical damage with Karvados but also enhances his critical damage by 50%. Moreover, he recovers 30% of the damage dealt as health. Consequently, his critical damage is increased by an additional 30%.

Sheen Cultivation Strategy

In terms of output, his primary reliance is on removing obstacles and the automatic activation of passive skills. The frequency of these occurrences is relatively low, and the percentage values are not particularly high. His role is mainly that of a damage-absorbing tank, making him well-suited for tanking. With a substantial 40% lifesteal capability, he can match the lifesteal attributes of two weapons refined with 20% lifesteal each. The advantage of this is that when facing numerous enemies, his lifesteal becomes especially potent due to striking multiple foes with his attacks.

However, he appears comparatively weaker when facing individual enemies. Since his passive skill triggers a pseudo-3-block attack and doesn't function as a team initiator, he doesn't need to be the team leader. Being a resilient tank with lifesteal is sufficient for his role. When refining his weapon, it's recommended to focus on penetration and lifesteal enhancements, allowing his lifesteal to become more formidable. His main skill, Bloodlust, deals physical damage equivalent to (200/275/350)% of his attack power when clearing obstacles. His passive ability, Blood Frenzy, triggers a random 3-block attack every 4 seconds. The probability of triggering this attack increases as his health decreases. Additionally, he restores 40% of the damage taken from block skill damage.

Crusaders Quest


In Crusaders Quest, although there are many different characters, they are mainly divided into several types. The above content introduces a part of them, and players can obtain more character development strategies from the Redfinger Android emulator. The reason why Crusaders Quest attracts numerous players is not only because of the various characters it possesses, but also the World Boss gameplay segment, which is an important part. We will provide a separate guide on that topic in the future.

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