Redfinger | Cross Gate: New World Pet Selection Guide

Pets are an important part of the game Cross Gate: New World, and they can help players in battles and adventures. Choosing the right pet is crucial for your success, which is why we have created this pet selection guide to help you choose the pet that is best suited for your adventure.

Cross Gate: New World

Appearance - Choose Your Favorite Pet

When it comes to choosing your pet, the first thing to consider is your personal preference. You want to choose a pet that you find appealing and that you enjoy looking at while playing the game. The game provides a variety of pets, ranging from cute to fierce, so there's a pet for every player's taste. In "Magical Pets: New World," pets can be modified and strengthened through learning skills, making them stronger and more useful.

Gear Position - Understanding the Basics

The gear position is another critical factor to consider when choosing your pet. A pet's gear position is determined by its basic attribute values. Pets with higher gear positions tend to have better attribute values, which make them stronger and more useful in battles. When you have multiple pets of the same type, their gear level can help you choose which pet is the best. The full gear pet is the strongest, followed by a decrease of one or two gears, and subsequent gear levels. 

However, it's essential to note that pets within the first four gear positions receive a certain percentage of overall attribute bonuses, making them significantly more powerful than pets outside of that range. Therefore, if you're choosing between pets with similar gear positions, it's best to choose the pet that's closer to being fully geared. 

Race Attribute - Finding Your Pet's Strengths

Pets in Cross Gate: New World are divided into nine different races or categories, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Understanding your pet's race attribute can help you choose a pet that is most effective for your playstyle.

Beast Series - Wild and Mighty

The Beast series comprises various beasts, such as the Water Blue Rat and Panda Bear. These pets are not necessarily good at physical attacks, as Water Blue Rat is good at magic attacks. The Beast series has a restraining effect on the Plant series but is restrained by the Humanoid series.

Special Series - Master of Magic

The Special series consists mostly of elves who are good at magic attacks. They are joined by various bomb monsters and slimes. Players who want to train magical pets should consider pets from the Special series.

Undead Series - High Health and Attack

The Undead series features many pets with high health points, especially zombies, which have both high health and high attack. They have a restraining effect on the Humanoid series, making them popular pets among many players.

Metal Series - Strong Defenses

The Metal series' most significant feature is their high defense, making them suitable as shield characters in the front row. They have a certain resistance to both physical and magical attacks, making them an excellent choice for players who prefer a more defensive playstyle.

Dragon Series - Legendary Creatures

The Dragon series consists of legendary creatures like dragons, which are as powerful as they are in everyone's imagination. For example, the nationally famous pet Water Dragon Lizard is one of the representatives of high defense and high health.

Humanoid Series - Balanced and Versatile

The Humanoid series consists mostly of pets that have balanced development, such as the Goblin series. However, the Avian series is agile and good at attacking. In addition, humanoid pets are generally easier to obtain, making them a great choice for new players.

Plant Series - Unique Abilities

The Plant series is similar to the Humanoid series in that they are relatively balanced. Some pets in this series have specializations, such as cactus being good at physical attacks and tree spirits being good at magic. Players who like the Plant series should observe and select carefully.

Flying Series - Fast and Deadly

Pets from the Flying series are not only fast but also have high attack power, making them a very popular series of pets. However, these pets are usually difficult to obtain, and players who want high-level pets must spend a lot of effort.

Choosing the Right Pet - What to Keep in Mind

When choosing a pet, it's essential to keep several factors in mind. Here are some tips that can help you make the best decision:

- Consider your playstyle: Different pets are better suited for different playstyles. If you prefer a more defensive style of play, a Metal series pet might be the best choice. If you prefer an offensive style of play, an Insect series pet might be a better choice.

- Look at your current pets: If you already have several pets, consider their race attributes and gear levels before choosing another pet. It's always a good idea to have a balanced team of pets that can work together effectively.

- Consider the type of battles you'll be facing: Some pets are better suited for certain types of battles than others. For example, if you'll be facing a lot of plant-type enemies, a Beast series pet might be the best choice because it has a restraining effect on the Plant series.

- Keep an eye on your resources: It can be tempting to choose a high-level pet, but it's important to consider the resources you'll need to train and strengthen that pet. Make sure you have enough resources to support your choice.

Cross Gate: New World


In Cross Gate: New World, you have the freedom to select pets that suit your preferences without any limitations. Even if you are not satisfied with your current pet, you can switch to a new one at any given time. However, it is important to note that new pets require re-upgrading and equipping. If you wish to engage in diverse professions and equip multiple pets simultaneously, consider downloading the Redfinger Android emulator to assist you.