Redfinger | Beginner's Guide of Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom has gained immense popularity as a role-playing game, drawing in numerous players. Within this vast player base, there are numerous beginners who may find themselves unfamiliar with the gameplay and facing challenges. Lately, there has been a surge of beginners seeking guidance on the gameplay specifically on the Redfinger Android emulator platform. To assist these players, a comprehensive guide has been curated.

Redfinger | Beginner's Guide of Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom Lineup Recommendations

For novice players, selecting a strong lineup is crucial for achieving favorable outcomes. This particular lineup is highly effective for beginners and consists of two tanks, two damage dealers, and a healer. In addition to the initial two tanks, Fern and Charles are also viable choices. With the exception of Saint Berry, the remaining characters can be acquired through the point store, located in the bottom left corner of the gacha shop. Within the point store, there is a section dedicated to the exchange of cookie soul stones, where you can utilize purple star coins to obtain the corresponding character's soul stone. Unlocking a character requires the collection of 20 soul stones. 

Snowberry and Lightning Paff are also commendable damage dealers, alongside Black Sugar, Cream Puff, and Captain, all of whom can be acquired through the point store. As for healers, Pure Vanilla is a solid option, while BTS Cookie, another excellent healer, is no longer obtainable. Obtaining BTS Cookie may prove challenging for new players, so it is advisable to choose Pure Vanilla in the early stages of the game. However, if you already possess Pure Vanilla, Saint Berry Cookie can be an alternative choice.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Treasure Recommendations

Apart from the lineup, treasures hold great significance in the initial phase of the game. During the early stages, you have the opportunity to acquire Feather, Whistle, Sickle, Clock, and Codex. Clock and Codex, in particular, are valuable treasures that prove effective across all modes, making it advisable to equip them whenever you engage in gameplay. As for the remaining slot, you can select from the other treasures at your disposal. It is also recommended to utilize treasure gacha tickets for obtaining treasures instead of expending diamonds. Acquiring diamonds can be challenging, and it's wiser to preserve them for gacha draws.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Leveling Strategy

Once you have completed the aforementioned steps, you can embark on the main storyline and engage in quests. It is advisable to advance through the early stages and prioritize upgrading your buildings. In case you find yourself short on coins, you can acquire them from the Wish Tree. During the initial phases, concentrate on accumulating coins. Additionally, explore other game modes such as the Arena, although it is recommended to focus on it after making substantial progress in the main storyline. Generally, you do not need to participate in an excessive number of matches in the Arena to swiftly attain the Diamond I rank. Skilled players might even reach the Master level. By following these guidelines, you will be able to expedite your level progression.

Obtaining Exp Candy and Coins

Exp Candy and coins are crucial resources during the early stages of the game, playing a vital role in various aspects of gameplay. The good news is that acquiring them is relatively straightforward. Exp Candy can be obtained from multiple locations, including the Cake Tower, Tropical Soda Archipelago, Star Candy House, and by completing various quests. On the other hand, coins can primarily be obtained from the Wish Tree. In case you find yourself running low on coins, dedicating your efforts to farming coins from the Wish Tree can be a viable solution. Although the amounts obtained through these methods may seem insignificant individually, they will gradually accumulate over time.

Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom Character Introduction

Coffee: The strongest character, with high area-of-effect damage output but limited crowd control. When he eats the circle-shaped enemies, they stop attacking. In addition, his chaotic skill, Sweet and Spicy, can gather enemies together and deal heavy damage.

Licorice: High damage output and the ability to summon creatures. The summoned creatures can block a significant amount of damage and deceive enemy skills. Slightly inferior to Coffee.

Milk: A divine tank with invincibility and the ability to push the enemy front row to the middle row, combining well with area-of-effect skills.

Jungle: Extremely powerful output and control.

Chocolate: The most formidable front row character, capable of both dealing damage and withstanding attacks.


In Cookie Run: Kingdom, there are ways to enhance your combat power swiftly. Engaging in battles allows you to acquire diverse materials, enabling you to level up your cookies and enhance their skills. Joining a formidable guild is another avenue to bolster your combat power. Nevertheless, beginners are advised against solely prioritizing the augmentation of their combat power. Instead, it is crucial to grasp the intricacies of the game mechanics before anything else.

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