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Battle Warship: Naval Empire is a mobile game with a naval warfare theme. In Battle Warship: Naval Empire, players take on the role of a high-ranking naval commander and build their own fleet. Players can select ships from over 20 types of destroyers, cruisers, and battleships to form their combat formations. The game also features over 20 types of fighter planes to assist players. Enter the world of Battle Warship: Naval Empire and begin your naval battle.

Battle Warship: Naval Empire

Gameplay of Battle Warship: Naval Empire

In Battle Warship: Naval Empire, players have the opportunity to join a formidable alliance on the game map. These alliances offer distinctive battle modes and generous rewards. The map is divided into four regions, each housing its own alliance. Players who have not joined an alliance will be automatically enlisted into one. Alliance cooperation is made simple through the alliance interface, where players can click on instances to interact with their fellow alliance members. This interface also enables players to engage in battles and friendly sparring with other players from different alliances. The capture of resource points located between alliances allows for the acquisition of advanced resources, which are then allocated strategically. The organizational aspects within alliances play a vital role.

Upon joining an alliance, players will find a range of alliance options in the lower right corner. Within the alliance, there are various alliance bounties that players can participate in. By engaging in matched battles within the war zone, players can assist each other in obtaining alliance rewards. Furthermore, alliances consist of several important buildings, categorized into Level 1 and Level 2 structures. Level 2 buildings are particularly significant as they greatly contribute to the alliance's development and upgrade progress. Alliances can be acquired through the alliance arena or by seizing control of high-level resource points.

Game Mechanics of Battle Warship: Naval Empire

Alliance Battlefield: The map of the alliance battlefield refreshes every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. To gain control of resources within a specific range, they need to be occupied. This battlefield lasts for 10 minutes, and once the time expires, all supply crates on the map will refresh, containing a variety of supplies and battleships. It is advisable to refrain from firing in the alliance battlefield to conserve supplies, as damaging them reduces the level and effectiveness of battleships and equipment.

Battlefield Attack: Prior to the commencement of the battle, it is crucial to analyze the map and strategically deploy defensive positions along the indicated enemy routes. It is recommended not to initiate attacks initially, as successfully occupying the area will cause three supply crates to refresh on the map, offering random supplies and artillery for battleships. Sufficient time allows for the identification and destruction of the supply crates based on their routes and types.

Alliance Kill: Players who eliminate members of enemy legions receive rewards. Victories grant overtime rewards and silver coins, while defeats provide diamonds. Each player has five opportunities for overtime rewards per day. Based on the supplies obtained from kills, players can return to their positions after the eighth time or when their remaining health reaches zero, or at the conclusion of the activity.

Alliance Ultimate Battle: Numerous players have shared their experiences in the ultimate battle. Players serve as the primary members of their alliance, while enemies are the main members of opposing alliances. Prior to engaging in the battle, thorough preparation is crucial to minimize casualties. During the confrontation, commanders should assign their captains to handle enemy legion battleships and prevent overwhelming the alliance players.

Battle Warship: Naval Empire

Tips for Battle Warship: Naval Empire

In our campaigns, it is important not only to secure limited resource points but also to focus on accumulating experience through internal affairs. The military engages in the production and exploration of treasures, continuously generating resources and experience based on the strength of your empire and the speed of recruitment. On the battlefield, it is vital to devise strategies that are courageous but not reckless. They will fight in the name of technology and civilization to maintain peace in the empire.

Prior to battles, extensive defensive preparations are essential. Utilize walls and crossbowmen as the primary assault force, ensuring your forces are prepared for attack and conquest. Conduct reconnaissance to explore the territory, which can be carried out at any time. During the offensive, various buildings such as the Sun City, Watchtower, Heavy Republic, and War Elephants, along with diverse types of battleships, play pivotal roles in planning and coordination. These troops are prepared for war and gather legions to launch attacks against the enemy.


In Battle Warship: Naval Empire, victory requires the strategic combination of various types of warships. It is a strategy game that demands high-level thinking from players. If players find the game challenging to start with, they can try playing it with the Redfinger Android emulator, which can provide unexpected results.

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