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Introducing AVABEL Classic, a timeless 3D mobile game that immerses players in its intricate designs, stunning landscapes, and diverse gameplay options. For those new to the game and feeling a bit overwhelmed, fret not, as Redfinger presents a comprehensive beginner's guide to AVABEL Classic. Join us as we delve into its depths and embark on an exciting journey together.

AVABEL Classic

AVABEL Classic Class Introduction

Warrior: The class excels in various aspects, demonstrating impressive performance across the board. It possesses formidable charging abilities and a diverse range of area-of-effect skills. As the game progresses, the Warrior gains access to the devastating Inferno skill, ideal for PvE encounters. In PvP scenarios, the Storm of the Knife Master and Ex of the Samurai skills prove to be valuable assets. Additionally, the Warrior exhibits remarkable durability, further enhancing its overall effectiveness.

Thief: This class requires higher crafting, but once well-equipped, it deals explosive damage. You can see a Thief continuously outputting crazy damage to the boss, with high critical hit values on the boss. However, it takes longer to reach its full potential, and in the early stages, it may feel tiresome to farm in dungeons. It is recommended to start as a Storm Messenger with a one-handed sword, and eventually, after mastering all classes, the recommended weapons are a short sword in the right hand and a one-handed weapon in the left hand.

Mage: In the early stages, it is recommended to choose the Lost Incantation subclass, which has a wide area-of-effect skill called Blizzard, making it the best choice for farming in dungeons. Mages have a long period of dominance in the early stages, and even with average equipment, their damage is sufficient. However, they may encounter bottlenecks in the later stages, especially in PvP. At that point, it is necessary to focus on improving equipment.

Creator: In the past, when trading was still available, this class had unique features, such as creating potions and selling them, and being able to craft accessories that are superior to ordinary ones. However, in the current version, the two specializations of the Creator can only be used for oneself, and the original special points are gone. The Creator has many buff and debuff skills, but most of them have narrow ranges, making leveling up more challenging. In terms of PvP, the Agility-based Creator is still decent.

Priest: There is a split between two types: a violent healer and a support healer, and you can choose between them. Currently, the most balanced setup is a blunt weapon in the right hand and a shield in the left hand, with points allocated to Agility and Vitality. This setup allows for both tanking and damage dealing. However, compared to other classes, healers have fewer damage-dealing skills, and most of their EX skills are support skills. It is recommended to use the Star Kick of the Divine Legs Master for farming.

Wanderer: For those who play as a Wanderer, this class also requires a lot of crafting. I have tried using a blunt weapon with 24,015 stars, but the damage still can't compare to a 22,015 Warrior or Mage. It is relatively difficult to farm in dungeons, so it is recommended to find teammates to play together. The Wanderer has some support skills that can assist teammates to a certain extent. If playing alone, it is recommended to start as a Dancer of the Earth or Blade Master, and then, for those who have higher Agility, they can choose Minstrel for self-healing. Water Divine and Warrior are also viable choices, but they require Pulse Stones.

Gunner: There is no sniper scope, but the basic attack skill, Easy Void, is satisfying. If we talk about being cool, this class won't disappoint you. It has area-of-effect skills for farming, and it is recommended to first specialize as a Sniper or Gun God.

Revenant: This class requires learning how to control HP. Properly managing your HP will put you in an attack-boosting state. For example, at full HP (30,000), your maximum attack is 2,700, but when your HP drops to 6,000, your attack will increase to 3,800. The recommended final weapon is a knuckle, and for the initial subclass, choose Vampire or Phantom Gunner.

AVABEL Classic

AVABEL Classic Leveling Tips

1. Don't forget to equip the Beginner Support Ring, as its effect can be stacked. With four accessory slots, the effect can reach a whopping 1,200% before reaching level 100.

2. Due to the relatively slow leveling process in the early stages and the conclusion of the five-year anniversary event, players no longer have access to Mobius' support. Hence, it is advisable to acquire the Xuanyuan Set for enhanced performance. For efficient leveling, it is recommended to tackle floors 9, 13, 18, and 22. Once your equipment meets the required standards, you can progress to the 42nd floor, widely regarded as the most efficient floor for both achievements and leveling.

3. You have the ability to access up to 10 books, and when you're in a party, your experience gain is divided by 20 and shared among your teammates. To illustrate, if you're in a state where you gain 1,100% experience, your teammates will receive an extra 55% experience boost. In a highly exceptional scenario, if all six party members are in a state where they gain 2,200% experience, they will receive a 110% experience boost from one another, resulting in a maximum state of 2,800%, equivalent to 28 times the experience gain.

4. In the initial stages, it is advisable to prioritize crafting and enhancing equipment rather than utilizing magic stones for purchasing costumes.

5.If you're comfortable with solitude, it's advisable to progress to Floor 18 and reach level 100. Once you've fortified yourself and amassed a sufficient amount of unlocking crystals and funds, you can proceed with further leveling up. Utilize the 11x experience gain state and venture to Floor 45, where your progression will be akin to advancing from level 100 to approximately 160. As for the 28x experience gain state, I believe you grasp its significance without requiring elaboration. This approach is particularly suitable for players with limited gaming time who are resolute in conserving magic stones.


For beginner gamers, this guide is extremely important. To achieve success in AVABEL Classic, continuous learning of various skills is necessary. Redfinger is an Android emulator where you can find numerous game tips for AVABEL Classic.

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