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AVABEL Classic, an action-packed 3D MMO RPG, has been skillfully crafted and released by Asobimo. Alongside the exhilarating hunt for diverse monsters and the fulfillment of quests in the company of fellow players, this game presents a plethora of captivating features. Among them are the thrilling "Random Dungeons," which can be confronted either individually or as a team, and the intense PvP battles where a staggering 1000 players can clash in combat simultaneously. With a current roster of 70 distinctive classes, and more eagerly anticipated to join the ranks, this guide primarily aims to assist novice players in swiftly embarking on their adventure within the game.

AVABEL Classic

AVABEL Classic Quest Guide

1. Main Quests

These quests hold utmost significance as they serve as key milestones in the game. The completion of each main quest is vital as it grants access to the subsequent floor. With the exception of the first two floors, every floor presents three main quests: Monster Hunt, Item Collection, and Boss Battle. Engaging in Monster Hunt and Boss Battle quests rewards players with substantial experience points. To embark on a quest, one must first accept it from the quest administrator. Afterwards, simply click on the quest again and locate the "Transfer" button positioned below the quest window. Clicking this button will transport you to the Boss Battle. For Boss Battles, it is advantageous to have teammates by your side. Forming a party beforehand allows teammates to provide assistance during the Boss Battles. However, it is important to exercise caution when opening the Boss Battle map for a quest and refrain from clicking "Start" immediately. At this stage, teammates will receive a temporary quest notification. By clicking on Baris, the quest administrator, and selecting the temporary quest, players can enter the Boss Battle map. When two or more players accept the Boss Battle quest together, they can form a team and work collectively to successfully complete it.

2. Daily and Weekly Quests

These quests offer relatively fewer rewards and are suitable for early-game players to complete.

3. Beauty Quests

These quests reward haircut tickets and unlock new hairstyles, faces, etc. in the beauty salon.

4. Emotion Quests

There are certain quests that offer rewards in the form of new character emotions. One such quest focuses on acquiring Maze Magnets, which can be found in Random Dungeons spanning floors 1 to 50. The second quest is centered around gathering Everlasting Flames, which are located in Random Dungeons ranging from floors 51 to 100.

5. World Boss Quests

The method of entry for World Boss quests remains the same as that for Boss quests. You can join by teleporting from either the quest administrator or the Guerrilla Quest location, using DP (Dimension Points). The World Boss encounter involves all players on the server, and defeating it grants experience points based on the damage inflicted. However, if the World Boss remains undefeated within the allocated time, no experience rewards will be granted. It is advisable to undertake World Boss quests once you have reached level 70 and preferably with a group consisting of several players. In the event of your demise during the World Boss battle, you will be transported out of the room, but there is no penalty in terms of experience loss.

6. Event Quests

During each event period, an event room will appear directly opposite the main city teleportation point. You need to complete event quests to enter the event room.

AVABEL Classic

AVABEL Classic Class Selection Guide


The Warrior class specializes in close-quarters combat, boasting high HP and dealing substantial damage. They shine in PvP encounters and serve as the backbone of team battles. As players progress, they have the option to advance their Warrior to more specialized classes: Swordmaster, Samurai, and Crusader. Typically, Warriors prioritize allocating points to Strength as their primary attribute, followed by Vitality as their secondary attribute. However, Intelligence and Wisdom can also be considered, as Intelligence enhances the potency of their ultimate skills. While this class is more suited for team battles, beginners need not fret, as respeccing becomes relevant in later stages.


Thieves embody elegance and flashiness, excelling in PvP scenarios. Although their attacks may have lower individual damage, they compensate with multiple hits, making them ideal for critical strikes. Advanced classes available for Thieves include Assassin, Storm Knight, Death Slayer, and Ninja. Both Strength and Dexterity are viable stat allocations for Thieves, with Dexterity-based builds being more common. However, focusing heavily on Dexterity early on can present challenges, so players who are willing to invest more can initially prioritize other attributes and respec into Dexterity later. The Ninja class stands out as a unique option that can also benefit from Intelligence, similar to the Warrior class.


Referred to as the "solo leveling king," Archers excel at solo play due to their ranged attacks, which reduce the need for extensive healing item usage. They are a relatively safe class, with swift monster hunting and floor clearing capabilities. In PvP, Archers perform admirably, thanks to their powerful mobility skills. By maintaining good positioning, Archers become highly effective in combat. The advanced classes available for Archers are Sniper, Hawkeye, Trap Shooter, and Strategist. The mainstream stat allocation for Archers revolves around Strength as the primary attribute and Dexterity as the secondary attribute, or vice versa.


Mages thrive in wide-area AOE attacks and possess visually captivating skills. They reach their peak power during the mid-to-late game when it comes to monster hunting. In team battles, Mages fulfill the role of crowd control, wreaking havoc among their foes. Advanced class options for Mages include Wizard, Elementalist, Lost Spell, and Seoul Blade. Intelligence serves as the primary attribute for stat allocation among Mages. Seoul Blade, however, diverges from the norm by relying on both Strength and Intelligence for their skill effectiveness. As with the aforementioned classes, beginners are advised against choosing this class for leveling purposes.


Playing as a Priest requires a dedicated team to effectively level up; otherwise, the leveling process can prove challenging. Priests are essential team members, significantly boosting the combat prowess of their group. Advanced classes for Priests include Priest, Monk, Barrier Master, and Exorcist.

AVABEL Classic Pet Training Guide

In AVABEL Classic, you'll encounter a diverse range of pets, each boasting unique appearances. These companions play a crucial role in combat, offering substantial assistance. As pets progress through levels and evolve, their character attributes also receive a significant boost. Apart from a few specific species, most pets acquire Ability Points as they grow. Every time a pet reaches level 20, its attributes increase by +1. The process of leveling up a pet resembles the familiar "enhancement" system used for equipment. By gaining experience points, pets gain levels and enhance their attributes. Two methods are available to increase a pet's experience: feeding and evolution.


AVABEL Classic may appear intricate to newcomers; however, with a thorough reading of this guide, you will realize that it is less daunting than it initially seems. Moreover, if you encounter any challenges while undertaking quests in the game, you can effortlessly overcome them by employing the Redfinger Android emulator.

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