Redfinger Android Emulator | A Deep Dive into TwelveskyM

TwelveskyM is an immersive martial arts mobile game developed by Ntori, a renowned Korean game developer, and published by Joycity. This highly anticipated game, which officially launched on February 26, 2020, has quickly captivated players worldwide. Drawing inspiration from its predecessor, "Twelvesky 2," TwelveskyM seamlessly brings the classic gameplay system to the mobile platform, offering players an unforgettable martial arts experience. In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of TwelveskyM, from character customization and skill allocation to combat mechanics and PvP elements.


Character Customization and Skill Allocation

In TwelveskyM, players have the freedom to choose from nine different professions, each with its unique playstyle and abilities. The game provides a comprehensive character customization system, allowing players to allocate attribute points to Vitality, Energy, Strength, and Agility. These attributes directly influence the character's health, attack power, defense, and evasion capabilities. Players must carefully distribute these points to enhance their character's strengths and tailor their playstyle.

Furthermore, TwelveskyM introduces the concept of Martial Arts, where players can unlock and upgrade various skills to bolster their combat effectiveness. By allocating skill points gained with each level-up, players can enhance the proficiency of different skills, such as shared skills, attack skills, and support skills. Skill proficiency directly affects the skill's effectiveness, providing players with strategic choices to optimize their character's abilities.

Unleashing Powerful Skills

In TwelveskyM, there are many types of skills. Players can take advantage of shared skills that are available to all characters from the beginning, gaining an edge in battle. These skills, such as "Traceless Step" for increasing movement speed and "Swift Step" for agile evasion maneuvers, provide practical and offensive capabilities. It is worth noting that each class has its own unique attack martial arts, which are not universal. These class-specific skills, such as "Qiankun Finger" and "Hunyuan Finger", allow players to unleash powerful attacks and effectively control opponents.

PvP Elements and Factions

TwelveskyM introduces a dynamic PvP system where players can engage in intense battles with others. The game features three major factions: Good, Evil, and Magic. Players must align themselves with a faction, which determines their interactions with other players and gameplay experiences. Faction warfare, known as Martial Enemy, allows players to challenge members of rival factions, showcasing their skills and competing for dominance.

Engaging in PvP combat can result in gaining or losing PK (Player Killer) points, depending on the outcome. Accumulating PK points above a certain threshold can lead to penalties, such as equipment loss upon death. Furthermore, TwelveskyM introduces the concept of PVP (Player vs. Player) points, earned by defeating players with purple names. These points represent a player's prowess in PvP combat and contribute to their overall standing within the game.

Exploring Classic Systems

TwelveskyM embraces its roots by incorporating various classic systems cherished by fans of the franchise. Players can participate in Sacred Stone Battles, Dragon Waterfall Battles, Faction Strongholds, and multiplayer team dungeons. These exciting features provide avenues for cooperative gameplay, strategic planning. By venturing into these challenges, players can further develop their characters, acquire valuable resources, and test their skills alongside fellow martial artists.


Gameplay Enhancements and Quality of Life Features

TwelveskyM continually strives to improve the player experience by implementing various gameplay enhancements and quality of life features.

To streamline the gameplay experience, TwelveskyM introduces an auto-hunting feature, allowing players to engage in automated combat with monsters. By simply clicking the "Auto Hunt" button on the main interface, players can set their character to automatically attack nearby targets. This feature proves especially useful during grinding sessions, saving players time and effort while still reaping the rewards.

Moreover, the game offers a comprehensive settings menu where players can customize various aspects of their gameplay. Within this menu, players can fine-tune the auto-hunting settings, such as selecting specific attack skills and adjusting the number of monsters to engage. These settings provide players with the flexibility to tailor their auto-hunting experience according to their preferences.

TwelveskyM also implements a unique system called the "Wulin Public Enemy" mode. This mode allows players to engage in combat with martial artists from all regions, turning them into enemies. By activating this mode, players can freely attack other players and accumulate PVP points. However, it is important to note that engaging in unjustified killings may lead to penalties, so players must carefully consider the consequences of their actions.

Additionally, TwelveskyM introduces a resurrection system that offers players two options upon death. Players can choose the "Normal Resurrection" option, which brings the character back to full health in the central city or at the map's exit point. Alternatively, players can use "Heaven's Guardian Seal" items to perform an instant resurrection at the exact location of death, allowing for a swift return to the action.


There are many skills involved in the game TwelveskyM. To gain a deeper understanding, you can visit the Redfinger official website. In addition, it is worth mentioning that you can also use the Redfinger Android emulator to assist in gameplay and increase the leveling speed of your character.