Redfinger | A Beginner's Guide to Last Claudia

Last Claudia is a Japanese-style adventure battle idle RPG mobile game that requires players to battle against monsters. In the game, players can choose their favorite characters and use different sacred objects to defeat monsters and save the continent.

Last Cloudia

How to level up in Last Claudia?

To engage in battles with monsters, players need to level up. Apart from advancing the main storyline, Last Claudia, as an idle game, controls experience points to the utmost. Currently, to gain experience, players can only grind levels by clearing stages. Some players idle for four to five hours a day, while others idle for more than twelve hours a day, resulting in vastly different amounts of experience gained. Additionally, players can use the diamonds they earn in-game to purchase nurturing gift boxes, which contain experience potions that can help players gain experience.

Furthermore, Last Claudia gives players unlimited resets for ten consecutive draws at the beginning of the game, which results in different configurations and sacred objects for each player and, in turn, affects their grinding efficiency.

Strategy for Box Pushing Puzzle Mode in Last Claudia

The essence of the box pushing puzzle mode is to push the wooden boxes from their initial position to a designated location while dealing with spatial limitations. If players are not careful, the boxes may become immovable, or the path may become blocked as the boxes can only be pushed and not pulled. Therefore, players must utilize the limited space and passageways wisely and move the boxes in the correct order and position to complete the task. The game mode is divided into EASY and HARD, and at the end of each round, the player's performance is evaluated based on time and steps taken, and stars are awarded accordingly. If the boxes become stuck or a character becomes trapped between them, the game is considered lost. In the beginning, each box-pushing round serves as a tutorial with only one box. However, as the game progresses, there may be up to eight boxes, requiring players to have a good understanding of the terrain to pass.

How to draw characters in Last Claudia?

At the beginning of the game, players are given an unlimited number of free resets for ten consecutive draws to ensure that they can draw characters and corresponding gameplay styles that they like. Although players may obtain various SSR characters at the start, it is recommended that they choose characters from the protagonist team to start with during their initial playthrough. This will allow them to have a better understanding of the game when they play through it again and select characters that they like. According to data from the Taiwan server, the most popular SSR character is the princess, and it is worth mentioning that almost all princesses come with an SSR sacred object that is a flying ship. The second most popular SSR character is Robin, who is a versatile character that can fit into any team because of her ability to equip any type of equipment. Robin is loved by many players, and she can be considered the undisputed king in terms of grinding materials.

In addition, the importance of sacred objects is higher than that of characters. Characters can be replaced, but sacred objects cannot. The playability and strength of the characters given to players as they progress through the main storyline are generally better than those of most characters in the gacha pool. Furthermore, the characters given in the main storyline are not easy to break through.

Last Cloudia

Auto-skill settings in Last Claudia

In full auto mode, players will automatically use all attack skills. In semi-auto mode, players will only automatically use normal attacks, and releasing skills still requires manual operation by the player. After setting the auto mode, players need to set up an "auto driver" if they want to execute automatic operations. The auto driver needs to be purchased, and after the player sets it up in the options, the game switches to auto mode. Although auto mode is convenient, it is not recommended for players who are new to the game. We recommend players who have some gaming experience to set the auto, semi-auto, or manual mode according to their personal preferences once they are familiar with the game.


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