Ragnarok X: Next Generation Fast Leveling Routes

Ragnarok X: Next Generation is a highly engaging game where players need to constantly level up to become stronger. For many beginners, it can be quite exhausting to invest a significant amount of energy only to find their level far behind other players at the same time. Therefore, Redfinger Android emulator platform has prepared this game guide to assist players in rapidly leveling up.

Ragnarok X: Next Generation

1-12 Leveling Route

During this level range, beginners can easily reach level 10 by defeating basic creatures such as small rabbits, jellyfish, and caterpillars. Once equipped with a novice weapon, players can proceed directly to fighting locusts, which guarantees an enjoyable experience up to level 12.

However, the optimal leveling strategies may vary depending on the chosen professions in Ragnarok X: Next Generation. For instance, archers can opt to engage in battles with nearby mushrooms, while mages may find it beneficial to confront insect larvae. It is advisable for novice players who are still exploring to avoid teleporting to the capital city, as they may not possess sufficient funds at this stage.

12-35 Leveling Route

The most optimal location during this time is, in fact, the termite larvae area. Melee classes can gradually chip away at them with basic attacks, while mages can unleash fireballs. This spot offers a quick and effortless leveling experience. However, due to the high number of people, it might be challenging to secure monsters for defeating, but keep in mind that termite larvae cards are valuable items.

In Ragnarok X: Next Generation, Payon Cave (upper left) becomes accessible once you reach level 12. You'll encounter decayed corpses and skeletons there. Take note that decayed corpses and small bats are aggressive and can cause multiple deaths, so exercise caution. Utilizing attacks with elemental properties (mages can purchase silver arrows) will yield better results. The advantage lies in the compact size of the map and the abundance of monsters. Skeleton remnants can be sold for some extra income, and there are collectors who seek these items.

For swordsmen, it is recommended to tackle the formidable Bigfoot bears, requiring a minimum level of 14. These monsters possess magic detection abilities, making it challenging for mages to engage them. Swordsmen can maintain a steady pace by employing two consecutive strikes, although regular attacks are also a viable option. The advantage here is that hunting these bears also yields honey, ensuring a steady supply of monster drops while replenishing your provisions.

Head over to Poring Island when you reach level 15. The primary target here is the green Porings. The advantage of this location lies in the abundance of monsters and the variety of spheres available. Additionally, collecting slime can assist in covering your expenses.

35-45 Leveling Route

During this level range in Ragnarok X: Next Generation, it is advisable to engage in combat with orcs. It is more efficient to teleport to the capital city instead of traversing the considerable distance on foot. By now, even as a novice, you should have accumulated some funds to purchase a few equipment pieces, and your level and job should have progressed accordingly. Furthermore, alternative leveling spots are situated far away, making it inconvenient for further advancement. In this location, fire-based attacks can inflict substantial damage, while swordsmen can opt for slower but effective basic attacks. The notable advantage is the abundance of monsters, providing an opportunity to obtain valuable random drops such as clean cards, aluminum shields, and Orc Warrior Proof. These items can be sold for currency to procure potions and other essential supplies.

Proceed to the second floor of the Undersea Cave (accessible by taking a boat to the right of Swordman Island). Crabs are also a viable choice in this area. Mages can employ lightning bolt spells, whereas warriors can rely on regular attacks that may yield valuable items. It is recommended to venture here at or slightly above level 35.

If you possess some funds at this stage and are unafraid of peril, you can venture to confront wolves (located down to the left of Payon). Provoking a single wolf will attract a charging pack. Nevertheless, this location offers decent drops such as Wolf Cards, strawberries, and meat. Having suitable equipment is advantageous, but this spot is not suitable for players with limited financial resources.

Another viable location in Ragnarok X: Next Generation is the beach of Demon Island (located down to the left of Demon Island). Here, you will encounter seal pups, although caution is advised as they are aggressive creatures. The benefit of leveling up here is that you can also explore the right side of the map and engage in combat with sea otters, which presents another rewarding option.

Ragnarok X: Next Generation

45-55 Leveling Route

This level range is a true paradise for swordsmen and mages. At approximately level 41, you can venture into the Beast Cave, a small house located in the top left corner of the Orc Village map. It is highly recommended to undertake a quest at the Eden Group Headquarters, which involves slaying orcs (available for levels 40-59). Each time you enter the cave, you'll conveniently find an NPC near the entrance who fully restores your health and mana. However, bear in mind that once you complete the quest, you will no longer receive the healing benefit. Therefore, it is advised for new players to accept the quest at level 40 but avoid direct combat with orcs. Instead, head straight to battle decayed corpses. The advantage of this location is the abundance of monsters, often encountered in large groups immediately upon entry. Swordsmen can unleash their full potential, while mages can rain fireballs upon their foes, making for a truly exhilarating experience. Both swordsmen and mages can continue leveling here without any issues until they reach level 60, with the suggested limit being level 65.

An excellent choice in this area is Devil's Stew Egg, located southwest of the capital city. Its proximity to the capital city eliminates the need to spend money on teleporting to the orc area. Additionally, the Devil's Stew Card is a valuable item obtainable here. Furthermore, players can start visiting this location from level 43. The monsters inhabiting this area do not initiate attacks, allowing you to take your time in defeating them. This spot is particularly suitable for players with limited funds.

Downright of Payon lies a highly recommended spot for mages and archers. Here, you will find the Monument of the Unknown General. Exercise caution, as the monsters in this area possess the ability to launch magical attacks. It is advisable to engage them from a distance to avoid being swiftly eliminated. This location provides a comfortable leveling experience until level 60 or beyond. One major advantage is the high experience gained from defeating the monsters, coupled with their stationary nature, which reduces the need for numerous supplies. Moreover, the random drops in this area are quite decent.


In Ragnarok X: Next Generation, there are numerous small tricks that can help you level up quickly. If you want to learn more about them, you can visit the official website of Redfinger.

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