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  • Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team Player Gameplay Guide

    In Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team, players are divided into three positions: forward, midfielder, and defender. It is difficult for beginners to position players correctly, and haphazard distribution can result in losing matches. Therefore, this guide is provided.

  • Redfinger | Beginner's Guide of Core Licht

    Core Licht is a mobile game centered around strategic gameplay, offering a fresh and thrilling experience. The game stands out not only for its stunning art style and captivating card designs but also for its emphasis on testing players' strategic acumen. Engaging in battles, players must safegu

  • Redfinger | Introduction to Professions in Cloud Song

    Cloud Song features a total of five primary professions, each of which offers two distinct branches. The option to embark on a profession change quest becomes accessible once a character reaches level 43.

  • Redfinger | Guide to Warhammer Gameplay in Cloud Song

    Introducing the Warhammer, Cloud Song's newest class, known for its mastery of the colossal hammer as its primary weapon and means of attack. With its awe-inspiring design and overwhelming power, the Warhammer class has gained tremendous popularity among players.