MU: Awakening Class Guide - Mastering the Archer, Swordsman and Mage

MU: Awakening is an MMORPG that offers players three different classes to choose from - the Archer, Swordsman, and Mage. Each class has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, and players must carefully consider their options to develop their characters properly. In this article, we will provide a guide for mastering each class and making the most of their skills and equipment.

MU: Awakening

The Archer

The Archer is a highly potential ranged class that can deal significant damage from a distance. Compared to the Mage and Swordsman, the Archer's equipment is more affordable, making it an excellent option for casual players. However, equipment prices can vary depending on the server. Still, they usually fluctuate within a specific range.

In terms of skills, the Archer belongs to the physical category. Unlike the Swordsman, the Archer cannot deal high damage in an instant and requires time to accumulate equipment. However, their agility makes them less vulnerable to being killed instantly by other classes.

Recommended Skills for Archers

Players should focus on upgrading their Fivefold Arrow skill in the early stages, as it is very useful for quickly clearing monsters. If players want to gain an advantage in PK, then the Frozen Arrow and Penetrating Arrow skills are good choices. When upgraded, they can significantly limit the damage that opponents can inflict on you.

Equipment Development for Archers

For equipment development, players should focus on increasing their attack and defense power. In the early stages, players can enhance their leveling speed by improving their Fivefold Arrow, Multiple Arrow, and Divine Power of War skills.

In terms of equipment, players should invest in a high-level bow or crossbow, as well as armor that provides defense and agility bonuses. Players should also consider accessories that enhance attack power or critical hit chance.

The Swordsman

The Swordsman, commonly known as the Warrior, is the dominant class in PK and has an imposing appearance. High-level Warrior equipment is expensive, making it a class for the wealthy. However, players with enough resources and focus on developing the Swordsman can experience the most exciting melee combat and equipment collection in the game.

Recommended Skills for Swordsmen

Players should focus on upgrading their wings, a symbol of wealth, and climb the Tower of the Dead as high as possible. If the monsters are too strong, players can use long-range skills like Destruction Strike and Gale Pierce while keeping their distance to wear them down slowly.

For skill development, players can sweep through dungeons and melt down useless equipment. Low-level bound equipment is useless and takes up space, so melting down equipment is the best choice.

Equipment Development for Swordsmen

Swordsman players should choose high-level weapons for strengthening, such as the Maya Dragon Axe of the fifth tier or above. Dual wielding one-handed weapons like the fifth tier True Greatsword is also recommended for players with enough wealth.

Players should focus on increasing their attack power, defense, and critical hit chance by investing in high-level armor and accessories.

The Mage

The Mage has a unique attack style compared to the Archer and Swordsman, relying on powerful magic skills rather than physical damage for output. The Mage's magic attacks have a long-lasting damage effect, making it a valuable addition to any team.

Recommended Skills for Mages

Players should focus on upgrading their magic skills, especially Hellfire and Tornado, which have strong control and aggression. In PK situations, these skills can be used for protection and sudden attacks.

Equipment Development for Mages

Mages can also use shields, with many players choosing the Legendary Shield as their defensive equipment. Legendary Shields are easy to obtain, have low equipment requirements, and provide cost-effective attribute bonuses.

For weapon development, players should choose high-level weapons with high critical hit chance, such as the Star Edge. Players should also consider crafting a Legendary Star Edge set of fourth tier or above for the best attribute bonuses.

Understanding Mage's Special Characteristics

It's important to note that the Mage class has lower attack power compared to the other two classes. However, their sustained magic attacks and area-of-effect damage can be frustrating for opponents. It is recommended for players who enjoy playing as a Mage to use a high-spec smartphone to fully experience the game's well-designed magical effects.

MU: Awakening


The above text provides an overview of the main classes in MU: Awakening, including a brief introduction of their skills and characteristics. However, it does not provide details on how to quickly level up or change equipment. For interested players, they can visit the Redfinger Android emulator platform for more information.