MU: Awakening - A Comprehensive Guide to Items, Equipment, and Enhancements

MU: Awakening offers a vast array of items, equipment, and enhancement systems to enhance your gameplay experience. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the world of MU, understanding the intricacies of these features is essential for optimizing your character's combat prowess. In this game, players must continually venture into diverse item and equipment types, delve into enhancement mechanisms, and manage various consumables and currencies at their disposal.

MU: Awakening

Items and Equipment in MU: Awakening

1. Weapons and Equipment

Weapons are essential for increasing your attack power and are divided into two-handed and one-handed options. However, it's important to note that specific weapons may have restrictions based on the class and level of your character. To bolster your defense, you can acquire various armor pieces, including helmets, armor, gloves, pants, and shoes. These items provide additional protection and improve your overall durability in combat. Accessories, such as necklaces and rings, offer unique attribute bonuses that further enhance your character's performance and provide specialized benefits. As you progress through the game and complete the "Wings of Flight" main quest, you'll unlock wings, which grant a range of attribute bonuses, including increased attack, defense, and health.

2. Quality and Grade

In this system, items are classified based on their quality, which is divided into several categories: white, green, blue, purple, orange, and red. The quality of an item determines the strength of its base attribute effects. Generally, higher-quality items have more potent attribute effects. On the other hand, the grade of an item determines its combat power. Grades range from 1 to 13, with higher-grade equipment providing better attributes. However, it's worth noting that higher-grade equipment may also come with higher level requirements, meaning that players must meet certain level criteria to utilize them effectively.

3. Obtaining Equipment

Obtaining equipment in the game involves various activities. Players can acquire equipment by engaging in dungeons, defeating powerful world bosses, participating in special events, and exploring the challenging Kalima Temple. These endeavors provide opportunities for players to obtain new and improved gear for their characters.

Players can enhance their equipment to boost its attributes and improve its combat effectiveness. This enhancement process includes strengthening the equipment, adding additional effects to it, and socketing gems into the gear. 

Equipment Enhancement Systems

1. Strengthening

Equipment enhancement is a process that involves strengthening the gear to improve its basic attributes. In the early stages of enhancement, Blessing Gems are used, while higher levels require Soul Gems and Maya Gems. For a guaranteed 100% success rate, Divine Gems can be used; however, starting from +7 enhancements, there is a possibility of failure and downgrading. To acquire the necessary gems for equipment enhancement, players engage in various in-game activities, which provide Blessing Gems, Soul Gems, and Maya Gems.

2. Additional Effects

Equipment additional effects serve to enhance combat power and have the advantage of being transferrable when replacing equipment. To add these effects, the consumption of Life Gems is necessary, and as the levels of enhancement increase, the attribute enhancements become more pronounced. Obtaining Life Gems can be accomplished through two primary means: either by acquiring them from the Diamond Shop or by venturing into dungeons. It is important to note that as the levels of Life Gems rise, obtaining them requires a greater investment of resources.

3. Synthesis

Equipment advancement offers players the opportunity to merge three pieces of equipment with the same quality and grade, resulting in the creation of equipment of a higher grade. Through this process, the newly advanced equipment inherits the exceptional attributes, gems, enhancement levels, and additional effects from the previous equipment, ensuring a smooth transition and retention of valuable features.

4. Gem Socketing

Socketing gems into equipment is limited to items of purple or orange quality. These higher-quality equipment pieces provide the option to enhance their attributes by attaching gems. There are four types of gems available: Ruby, Topaz, Sapphire, and Emerald, each offering distinct attribute bonuses when socketed. The number of sockets and the variety of gem options vary depending on the type and quality of the equipment, providing flexibility and customization for players to optimize their gear according to their desired playstyle or strategy.

MU: Awakening

Consumables and Currency in MU: Awakening

1. Currency

There are three types of currency in the game. The first is Diamonds, which can be used to buy items from the in-game store and the trading post. The second is Pink Diamonds, specifically used for treasure hunting and buying items exclusively available in the Pink Diamond Store. Lastly, Gold Coins serve multiple purposes such as upgrading skills, purchasing items, and enhancing equipment.

2. Other Consumables

In MU: Awakening, there are various items that serve different purposes. Healing potions are used to restore the health of characters, ensuring their well-being during battles or challenging situations. On the other hand, mana potions are designed to replenish character mana, allowing them to continue casting spells or using magical abilities. Lock's Feathers are unique items that have a dual function: nurturing wings and enhancing equipment. They provide a boost to the character's mobility and overall performance. Similarly, Divine Eagle Seeds are used specifically for enhancing wings and equipment, providing additional power and capabilities to the character's arsenal.


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