Mastering the Skies: A Comprehensive Guide to Airship Knights

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the fantastical world of "Airship Knights"! Published by Super Planet, this next-generation role-playing game (RPG) offers a unique blend of casual gameplay and captivating storytelling. In this article, we will delve into the depths of the game, providing beginners with a comprehensive guide to mastering the skies. From installation to character development and strategic gameplay, let's explore the secrets of this immersive idle RPG.

Airship Knights

Setting Up the Airship Knights on PC

To embark on your aerial escapades, the first step is to download the emulator version suitable for your computer from the official website of Redfinger. Once installed, you can effortlessly play the PC version of "Airship Knights" on your computer. The emulator interface allows easy access to the game, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.

Unveiling the Gameplay

Discover the essence of "Airship Knights" as a casual mobile RPG. Engage in battles that automatically unfold every 15 seconds, with little need for player intervention. As you progress, witness the growth and enhancement of your airship, a vital aspect of boosting your overall combat prowess. During battles, monitor the health bars of both your team and the enemy, ensuring your victory by depleting the enemy's health bar first. While battles are automated, occasional red exclamation marks on the interface require your attention and interaction.

Strengthening Your Forces

As challenges become more formidable, it becomes crucial to strengthen your characters and airship. Upgrade the knights, focusing on the first enhancement function to improve their effectiveness in battle. Enhancements to the control room and engine room directly impact the airship's health during encounters. Additionally, prioritize character development by capitalizing on incremental ability upgrades, even though they may seem modest. Every increase contributes to significant overall improvements. Optimize your resource allocation and consider leveling up characters and the airship uniformly to maximize the team's potential.

Unlocking the Potential of Characters

Choose from various character classes, each with its unique strengths and abilities. Tanks like Eleanor and Aurelia excel at withstanding powerful enemy attacks. For melee DPS, Drake, Rashid, and Nalin are formidable choices. Suvo, a versatile character with a comprehensive skill set, is a popular option for DPS. Krisitin offers solid performance with manageable initial weaknesses. Ranged DPS characters like PQ and Snow bring distinct control and attack speed reduction benefits, respectively. Strategically select characters that complement your playstyle and form a well-rounded team.

Navigating Through the Levels

While following quests will guide you through the initial stages smoothly, remember to upgrade the engine and other components to unlock additional rewards. Focus on nurturing at least one or two five-star characters, who will serve as the backbone of your team. Reincarnation is generally unnecessary unless quests are completed. As challenges intensify, prioritize airship upgrades to overcome obstacles effectively. Prepare for the milestone level 700, and consider utilizing advertising buffs for an extra advantage. Level 1000 marks a significant difficulty spike, with every hundred levels presenting a new challenge. Efficiently manage resources, upgrade character equipment, and keep your airship in optimal condition to triumph over the main storyline challenges.

Embracing Strategy and Tactics

As you progress in "Airship Knights," strategic decision-making becomes crucial. Explore the different areas within the airship, each serving a specific function and offering unique enhancements. Allocate resources wisely to strengthen the ship's overall combat capabilities. Some areas focus on magic enhancements, while others enhance the ship's engineering attributes. The game's fusion of magic and technology adds depth and complexity to the gameplay, allowing for varied and exciting strategies.

Leveraging the Benefits of Redfinger

Playing "Airship Knights" on your computer using Redfinger offers numerous advantages. The emulator provides a convenient and efficient way to enjoy the game without constant attention. Take advantage of the automatic battles and enhancements while you focus on other tasks. Redfinger's Android emulator elevates the gaming experience, allowing you to effortlessly acquire abundant rewards.

The Joys of Character Customization

Before delving into the adventure, take the opportunity to customize your character. Choose a name, gender, and appearance that resonate with your personal preferences. This customization adds a personal touch, making your in-game experience more immersive and enjoyable.

Airship Knights

Conquering Challenges and Reaping Rewards

As you progress through the game, you'll encounter increasingly difficult levels and enemies. The key to success lies in consistent character and airship upgrades. Invest resources strategically, ensuring a balance between individual character growth and overall team synergy. Overcoming challenges rewards you with rich loot, enhancing your characters' abilities and pushing your progress further.


By following this comprehensive guide, beginners can navigate the game's intricate mechanics, develop their characters, and conquer challenging levels. This article won't give you a clear step up for gaming experts, but here you can learn how to play Airship Knights on PC by using the Redfinger Android emulator.