Mastering Seven Knights: Essential Strategies for Success

Seven Knights, a popular Android RPG developed by Netmarble, has captured the hearts of millions of players with its captivating heroes. With a release date of October 14, 2015, the game has been continuously updated to provide a thrilling experience for players. In this comprehensive guide, we will integrate the insights and tips from top players, developers, and official sources to help you navigate the world of Seven Knights and reach new heights of power. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, these strategies and secrets will enhance your gameplay and ensure success on your quest. 

Seven Knights

Building a Formidable Team

To excel in Seven Knights, it's crucial to assemble a team of powerful heroes. Start by utilizing the heroes provided to you initially, but once you acquire stronger 5/6-star heroes, be selective and strategic. Feed 1/2-star heroes to your higher-star heroes and fuse any 3-star or higher heroes. Additionally, consider selling level 30 units for gold. The long-term goal is to fuse the 3/4/5-star heroes you acquire in the game. By focusing on creating a team of 6-star heroes, you'll unlock their full potential and gain a significant advantage.

Leveling Up Heroes

Leveling up every hero, including 1/2-star heroes, is a vital strategy in Seven Knights. Each newly leveled hero to level 30 grants you 5 rubies, which can be a valuable resource for free-to-play players. Take advantage of this opportunity to earn rubies without spending real money, and watch your collection of heroes grow stronger with each level.

Ruby Farming Strategies

Netmarble has provided an opportunity for free-to-play players to farm rubies in Seven Knights. Leveling a hero to 30 grants your rubies, with 5 rubies for the first time and 2 rubies for subsequent level-ups. To maximize your ruby farming potential, build a team with heroes possessing powerful area-of-effect (AoE) skills. Heroes like Velika, Jave, Eileen, Dellons, Spike, Kris, Ruri, Yuri, Ariel, and May are particularly useful for this purpose. Farming rubies not only strengthens your team but also rewards you with a valuable in-game currency.

Conquering Castle Siege

Castle Siege presents a challenging mode in Seven Knights, and having the right team composition is crucial for success. The recommended formation is 1-4, with your best attacker in the backline. Including 1-2 AoE units, debuffers, and a support hero with healing or reviving abilities will greatly increase your chances of victory. Remember to prioritize damage reduction to survive the intense battles and secure higher points.

Daily Dungeons and Celestial Tower

Participating in daily dungeons is essential for acquiring rank-up materials and enhancing your heroes. Each day of the week focuses on a different element, allowing you to gather the necessary resources for growth. Additionally, climbing the Celestial Tower grants you valuable rewards, including gold, items, and even new heroes. Make it a habit to complete these activities regularly to strengthen your roster.

Raiding for Rewards

Raids present an opportunity to face powerful foes and earn valuable rewards in Seven Knights. The Dragon, also known as Destroyer Gaze, can be encountered after completing an adventure stage. It remains spawned for three hours before disappearing, giving players a limited time to defeat it. Participating players, including friends, can join forces to take down the Dragon, but there is a limit of 20 participants. Coordinating with your allies and dealing significant damage to the Dragon will ensure you reap the rewards of your raiding efforts.

Daily Quests for Progression

Completing daily quests is a fundamental aspect of Seven Knights that contributes to your overall progression. By logging in regularly and checking your daily quests, you not only earn rewards but also make progress towards weekly and monthly quests. These quests often involve tasks such as battling in the Celestial Tower, participating in Castle Rush, entering the Daily Dungeon, purchasing items, and powering up heroes. Prioritize completing these quests to maximize your rewards and keep your progression on track.

Seven Knights

Expanding Your Network

In Seven Knights, building a network of friends is not just for socializing but also for gaining additional benefits. Having more friends translates to earning more Honor Points, which can be used to purchase keys. Keys are essential for various activities, including adventure mode, leveling up your team, and acquiring more items. So, don't hesitate to add friends within the game and leverage this feature to enhance your gameplay.


Mastering Seven Knights requires a combination of strategic team-building, resource management, and skillful execution in battles. By following these essential strategies and tips, you can progress through the game with confidence and achieve remarkable success. Of course, success in Seven Knights isn't just about checking the guides, it's going to take practice to make progress. Redfinger is an Android emulator that can save you a lot of time playing Seven Knights on it.