Mastering MU: Across Time: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginner Gamers

With its diverse character classes, and expansive leveling maps, MU: Across Time has successfully recreated the PK and BOSS systems of the original MU. If you're eager to embark on a thrilling adventure in the land of heroes and uncover uncharted territories, then it's time to download and dive into the world of MU: Across Time.

MU: Across Time

Understanding Character Attributes

To begin your journey, familiarize yourself with the intricacies of character attributes. By clicking on the character avatar or the "Character" icon in the main interface, you can access the "Character Attributes" window. Here, you will find three tabs: "Base," "Allocation," and "Title." The "Base" tab provides valuable information about your character, including nickname, class, current level, guild, world level, and various attribute values.

Within the attributes, there are primary attributes, base attributes, and special attributes. Primary attributes, such as Strength, Vitality, Agility, and Intelligence, have a direct impact on combat abilities and can be enhanced by allocating attribute points. Base attributes encompass HP, Defense, Attack Speed, Attack Success Rate, Defense Success Rate, and various damage values. Lastly, special attributes, acquired through equipping weapons, equipment, mounts, titles, or other items, add diverse effects to your character.

Harnessing the Power of Skills

Elevating your combat prowess is crucial for rapid advancement in MU: Across Time. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by mastering and upgrading skills. Clicking on the "Skills" icon in the main interface opens the "Skills" window, where you can explore the range of acquired and unlearned skills. With 28 class skills divided into three categories – General Skills, First Transfer Skills, and Second Transfer Skills – your character can unleash devastating attacks and unleash their true potential.

General Skills, exclusive to each class, can be obtained through main quests or skill scrolls from the "Point Shop." First and Second Transfer Skills are unlocked after completing the respective transfer quests and offer specialized abilities based on your class and chosen branch. Skill Awakening Stones can be utilized to level up skills, enhancing their effectiveness and granting additional effects.

Currency Systems and Acquiring Resources

In the vast realm of MU: Across Time, various currencies play a vital role in obtaining essential resources. There are four main currencies: Gold, Points, Prestige, and Diamonds. Gold can be acquired through quests, daily activities, events, offline grinding, and equipment sales. It is primarily used to purchase healing potions and synthesize items from the "Portable Shop."

Points and Point Gems can be earned through activities like Enchanted Land, Blood Castle, Field Grinding, World Boss battles, and more. These points can be exchanged for valuable items in the "Point Shop" and "Auction Market," enhancing your character's gear and overall progression.

Joining a guild grants access to Prestige, which can be obtained by participating in guild-exclusive activities. Prestige can be used to redeem items in the "Prestige Shop," offering unique rewards such as precious necklaces, skill enhancements, rare mounts, and essential daily supplies.

Diamonds, the premium currency in MU: Across Time, can only be acquired through recharging. They provide significant advantages, such as experience recovery during offline grinding, VIP account benefits, equipment enhancements, and purchases from the "Diamond Shop."

MU: Across Time

Strategies for Swift Advancement

To achieve rapid progress in MU: Across Time, it's essential to adopt effective strategies. Here are some tips to enhance your gaming experience:

1. Questing and Leveling: Engage in quests to earn experience points and rewards. Main quests guide you through the storyline, while side quests offer additional challenges and rewards. Focus on completing quests aligned with your character's level to ensure efficient leveling.

2. Party and Guild Play: Joining a party or guild can greatly enhance your gameplay. Participate in group activities such as Devil Square, Guild Quests, and Guild Boss battles to earn extra experience, rewards, and build camaraderie with fellow players.

3. Skill Enhancement: Allocate attribute points wisely to strengthen your character's primary attributes. Maximize the effectiveness of your skills by utilizing Skill Awakening Stones to enhance their levels and unlock powerful additional effects.

4. Equipment Enhancement: Upgrade your gear to improve your combat capabilities. Utilize resources like gold, points, and prestige to enhance your equipment's evolution level. Additionally, explore the "Diamond Shop" for exclusive items that can further enhance your character's power.

5. Efficient Resource Management: Prioritize your resources wisely. Use gold to acquire essential consumables from the "Portable Shop." Utilize points and prestige to acquire valuable items from the respective shops. Consider strategic investments in the "Diamond Shop" for items that offer significant advantages.

6. Participate in Special Events: Take advantage of limited-time events and activities to earn additional rewards, experience, and rare items. These events provide opportunities to progress faster and engage with the gaming community.

7. Continuous Learning and Adaptation: Stay updated with game updates, patches, and strategies shared by the community. Be open to learning new techniques and adapting your playstyle based on evolving gameplay dynamics.


With the comprehensive knowledge and strategies provided in this guide, you're now equipped to navigate the immersive world of MU: Across Time with confidence. If you prefer to play Mastering MU: Across Time on PC, congratulations, you have reached the end of this guide, the Redfinger Android emulator can meet your needs.