Mastering Eternal Tree: A Comprehensive Guide to Team Building and Progression

Eternal Tree is an immersive and enchanting mobile RPG developed by Komoe Game. As a player, you assume the role of the protagonist, an intrepid "Explorer," embarking on a grand adventure revolving around the mythical "Divine Tree." With its pure fantasy setting and epic storytelling, Eternal Tree has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of team building, character progression, and strategic gameplay, providing valuable insights and tips to help you master the game.

Eternal Tree

Emulator Installation and Gameplay Basics

To fully enjoy the Eternal Tree experience, players can install the game's PC version using emulators like Redfinger. By visiting Redfinger's official website, you can download the android emulator compatible with your computer and effortlessly embark on your mobile gaming journey. The emulator provides a convenient and accessible way to play Eternal Tree on your computer, opening up new possibilities for gameplay.

Selecting the Right Composition

A crucial aspect of success in Eternal Tree lies in building a well-balanced and synergistic team composition. Each character in the game possesses one of six different attributes, each with its own strengths and characteristics. Water attribute teams are currently considered highly effective, with characters like Roland and Winter Solstice leading the charge. Water attribute characters excel in damage output, crowd control, and debuffing, making them a formidable force against enemies. However, other attributes like light and wind also offer unique advantages, and a diverse team composition can prove advantageous in various scenarios.

Team Composition Strategies for Different Stages

1. Early-stage team composition recommendations: In the early stages of the game, when characters are capped at level 15, the primary focus should be on exploring various attributes and mixing different characters. This approach allows you to adapt to different challenges and learn the strengths and weaknesses of each attribute. Additionally, paying attention to attribute descriptions and avoiding contradictory attribute enhancements is crucial for optimal team performance.

2. Mid-stage team composition recommendations: As you progress through the game, acquiring SSR characters, imaginary bodies, and resonances, it becomes essential to consider the synergy between these elements. Imaginary bodies crafted in the workshop can enhance the skills of resonances, creating a powerful combination. Allocating resources to develop SSR characters and utilizing their full potential while crafting resonances is a strategic move for mid-stage gameplay.

3. Late-stage team composition recommendations: In the late game, when your team has grown in strength, it's recommended to focus on developing two to three special or gacha characters. Prioritize nurturing your SSR characters to their maximum potential, as they offer unparalleled power. Characters like Galla Hard possess unique defensive capabilities, surpassing other characters in terms of protection and survivability.

Unleashing the Power of Roland and Winter Solstice

Water attribute teams have gained popularity due to the incredible synergy between characters like Roland and Winter Solstice. Roland, with his high skill damage and debuff-clearing abilities, serves as a reliable damage dealer and support character. Winter Solstice complements the team with her crowd control effects and rapid energy recovery, making her an excellent secondary controller. While obtaining both characters can be challenging, they greatly enhance the overall performance of your water team.

Enhancing Character Power

Base abilities play a pivotal role in character progression and significantly impact their performance in battles. As you level up your characters, unlocking base abilities becomes increasingly important. These abilities provide additional effects to skills, passives, and special moves, empowering your characters and bolstering their combat prowess. Focus on unlocking the base abilities of your main characters first, as the unlocking materials are often limited. Prioritizing the main characters ensures a steady progression and maximizes their potential.

Elevating Your Gacha Characters

In Eternal Tree, synchronization bonuses allow you to surpass the level caps of your gacha characters, granting them even greater power. Fully synchronizing characters unlocks an additional bonus position, further enhancing their abilities. Synchronization consumes wish tickets, which can be obtained through various means, including duplicates of the same character. Carefully plan your synchronization strategy, considering the rarity of your characters and utilizing synchronization in tandem with team formations for optimal results.

Eternal Tree

Paying vs. Non-paying Players

Whether you are a paying player or prefer to enjoy the game without making real-money purchases, Eternal Tree offers progression paths suited to both play styles. Paying players have the advantage of obtaining gacha characters right from the start and can focus on developing attribute-based teams. Non-paying players, on the other hand, can leverage mixed attribute teams as a transitional strategy, utilizing a few strong characters along with utility characters to balance their teams. Regardless of your play style, investing in powerful gacha characters remains a vital aspect of progression.

Stamina, Leveling, and Breakthroughs

In the early stages of the game, stamina is abundant, allowing you to level up characters and meet breakthrough requirements more easily. Each breakthrough increases the level cap by 15, with a maximum level of 60. As characters level up, their skill levels and base abilities are unlocked, significantly improving their performance. Manage your stamina efficiently, prioritize leveling up your main characters, and strategize your breakthroughs to achieve maximum potential.


Mastering Eternal Tree requires careful team composition, strategic planning, and efficient resource management. By selecting the right attributes, synergizing characters, unlocking base abilities, and utilizing synchronization bonuses, you can forge a formidable team capable of overcoming any challenge.