Mastering Equipment Enhancement in Diety of Evernight

Diety of Evernight requires players to progress through levels, defeat bosses and collect and enhance equipment. Equipment enhancement is a critical aspect of the game that can significantly improve players' characters' performance. However, to fully enjoy the game's benefits, players need to understand the intricacies of equipment enhancement.

Deity of Evernight

Inheriting Properties

One of the most important aspects of equipment enhancement is the inheriting of properties. All equipment in Diety of Evernight inherits specific properties, regardless of the equipment's tier or level of enhancement. Players should prioritize enhancing equipment that has strong inherent properties to maximize the equipment's power level.

Bound to Profession

In Diety of Evernight, each equipment slot is bound to a specific profession. This means that there is only one type of equipment available for each profession's equipment slot. Players should keep this in mind when selecting equipment to enhance and ensure that they are enhancing the correct equipment for their profession. Choosing the wrong equipment could result in a decrease in power level.

Enhancement Limits

Each tier of equipment in Diety of Evernight has a different maximum level of enhancement. Players should focus on enhancing their equipment to the maximum level for each tier before advancing to the next tier. However, players do not need to worry about evenly distributing enhancements between different pieces of equipment, except for weapons, which should be prioritized. Players can enhance their weapons to increase their damage output and make them more effective in battle.

Additional Enhancement Ability

When players enhance one piece of equipment, the additional enhancement ability for the next piece of equipment will be based on the overall enhancement level. Therefore, players should enhance their equipment strategically to maximize the additional enhancement ability for future equipment. This will result in a more significant increase in power level with each equipment enhancement.

Furthermore, players should not only focus on the enhancement level of each piece of equipment but also the inherent properties of the equipment. Certain pieces of equipment may have stronger inherent properties than others, meaning that they will have a more significant impact on the character's overall power level. Therefore, players should prioritize enhancing equipment with strong inherent properties, as this will provide a more significant boost to their character's power level. 

Synthesizing Equipment

Synthesizing equipment is a crucial part of equipment enhancement in Diety of Evernight. Synthesizing equipment involves combining multiple pieces of equipment to create a new, more potent piece of equipment. When synthesizing equipment, players should keep in mind that the power requirements for each tier of equipment jump up a level. Therefore, players must synthesize their equipment to the appropriate tier to meet the power requirements for that tier. Synthesizing equipment is an excellent way to increase the power level of a player's character quickly.

Equipment Drops

In Diety of Evernight, players can obtain equipment drops by defeating world bosses. The tier of equipment that players can obtain is determined by the level of the boss they defeat. As the level of the boss increases, so does the rarity and power level of the equipment that can be obtained. 

However, players should keep in mind that higher-level bosses refresh more slowly than lower-level bosses. As a result, players should prioritize challenging lower-level bosses more frequently to maximize their chances of obtaining equipment drops. This approach allows players to collect a variety of equipment and progress through the game at a steady pace, without relying solely on high-level equipment drops. 

Deity of Evernight

Inlaying Gems

Inlaying gems is an excellent way to enhance equipment further in Diety of Evernight. Gems can be obtained by defeating bosses or purchased from the in-game store. Each gem provides a unique enhancement effect, such as increased damage or increased critical hit chance. However, players should keep in mind that they can only inlay one gem per equipment slot. Additionally, each gem can only be inlaid in specific types of equipment. Therefore, players should experiment with different gems and combinations to determine the most effective setup for their playstyle.

Removing Gems

The beauty of Diety of Evernight lies in its unparalleled flexibility when it comes to equipment enhancement. Players can remove gems from their equipment at any time, without worrying about any penalty or negative consequences. This remarkable feature empowers players to experiment with different gems and combinations, allowing them to discover the most effective setup for their unique playstyle. This flexibility means that players can try out various combinations until they find the perfect one that aligns with their character's specific strengths and abilities. 


In Diety of Evernight, equipment is an important part of combat power. How to enhance the device is something that every player must consider. By reading this guide, I believe you will understand how to do it. It is also worth saying that you can also learn how to get various equipment through Redfinger Android simulator.