Lotus Flower in Eternal Tree: SSR Wind Shield Character

In the popular mobile game Eternal Tree, Lotus Flower is an SSR Wind Shield character who is known for being one of the strongest characters in the game. Lotus Flower's capabilities are comprehensive. Our guide is mainly to introduce its ability and how to master it.

Eternal Tree

Lotus Flower's Abilities

Her Burst Skill, Starry Sky Extreme, deals 420% damage (up to 280 million) to a single enemy and grants herself a layer of illusion (which always evades one attack) and an aid effect for one turn. Additionally, the skill removes one abnormal status from herself. Her high damage output makes her a valuable asset to any team, especially in situations where a single enemy needs to be taken down quickly.

Lotus Flower also has two Resonance Arts. The first, Small Point (CD 5), increases her own threat value, evasion rate (25%), and the probability of a heavy attack (25%) for three turns. This makes her an effective tank who can take on multiple enemies at once. Her second Resonance Art, Attraction (CD 8), grants a layer of illusion and a 30% increase in Wind attribute attack to all allies for six turns. This makes her a valuable asset to any team that relies on Wind attacks.

Lotus Flower's inherent abilities include Wonderful Hands, which reduces the attack power of all enemies by 5% (up to 3 layers, 120s) when she evades an attack. Her second inherent ability, Anti-Clip, increases her critical hit rate and adds additional damage to her basic attacks when she is in an illusion state. Additionally, her Synchro Blessing (at Synchro 5) increases her Burst Skill damage and upper limit by 10% (28 million) when she is in an evasion state.

The Wind Team Setup

To make the most of Lotus Flower's abilities, it is recommended to use her in a Wind team setup. The recommended characters for a Wind team are Rosalie, Hughes, Minnie, Lotus Flower, or Amy. This setup is designed to maximize the Wind attribute attacks and abilities of each character, making them a formidable force on the battlefield.

Lotus Flower's Skill Set

Lotus Flower is a formidable tank in battle, utilizing a unique skill set that enables her to take on multiple enemies at once with ease. Her prowess in combat is amplified by her exceptional damage output, which allows her to deal significant damage to foes while sustaining minimal injury. Her mastery of creating illusions and evading attacks further enhances her defensive capabilities, making it difficult for enemies to land successful blows.

Furthermore, Lotus Flower's abilities extend beyond defense, as she possesses the rare talent of being able to enhance the attacks of her allies. With her wind attribute abilities, she can bolster the offensive capabilities of her team, providing a significant advantage in combat. Her ability to adapt to various situations and excel in both offensive and defensive roles makes her a valuable asset in any battle scenario.

The Pros and Cons of Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower's skill set encompasses both strengths and weaknesses, making her a complex character to master. Her remarkable damage output, ability to create illusions, and evade attacks are some of her defining strengths that allow her to excel as a tank in battle. Her Wind attribute enhancement skills further enhance her usefulness in combat, providing significant advantages to her allies.

However, her weaknesses should not be overlooked, as they can significantly impact her performance in certain scenarios. The Spring Equinox debuff, which renders her almost useless during the Wind Advantage Event, is one of her most significant weaknesses. Moreover, her abilities are less effective against enemies with high defense, which can make her less useful in certain battles.

As with any character, understanding and managing Lotus Flower's strengths and weaknesses is crucial to utilizing her full potential in battle. 

Advice for Using Lotus Flower

To make the most of Lotus Flower's abilities, it is important to use her in the right situations. During the Wind Advantage Event, it is best to avoid using her as much as possible due to the Spring Equinox debuff. However, outside of this event, she can be a valuable asset to any team that relies on Wind attacks. Additionally, it is important to keep her abilities in mind when choosing other characters to add to a team. Characters that can increase her evasion or Wind attribute attacks can make her even more effective on the battlefield.

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Although Lotus Flower in Eternal Tree is powerful, you must pay attention to the debuff of the vernal equinox. Every character will have weaknesses. Before playing Lotus Flower, you might as well download the Redfinger Android emulator to understand the weaknesses of each character, so as to increase the chance of winning the game.