Honkai Impact 3: Exploring the Feature Systems and Mission

The function system and task mechanism in Honkai Impact 3 are where players focus. In the game, players can explore the realm of friendship and guidance, and can also obtain rewards and various improvements by completing various tasks in the system. Let's take a look at the exciting features in Honkai Impact 3, focusing on player teams, friends, mentors, fleets, and the quest system.

Honkai Impact 3

Building Your Player Team

In Honkai Impact 3, players have the opportunity to form their own player teams. By accessing the "Friends" interface, players can find a plethora of information about their friends, including levels, names, combat power, and online status. The system also allows players to interact with friends by visiting their dormitories, checking their armadas, engaging in private conversations, and more. Additionally, players can expand their social circle by adding friends and sending friend requests. With a maximum limit of 24 friends, players can create a vibrant community within the game.


Mentorship is a unique system in Honkai Impact 3 that fosters the bond between experienced players and newcomers. Players who reach level 76 or above have the opportunity to become mentors, while those between levels 6 and 75 can become students. The mentor can guide up to two students, and each month, mentors can recruit new students up to five times. The mentor-student relationship is a valuable connection, as mentors can provide guidance, assistance, and insight into the game mechanics.

The mentorship journey involves a series of assessments and trials. Students progress through eight stages, each consisting of three trial tasks. Upon completion of each stage, the student's performance is evaluated, and rewards are distributed to both the mentor and the student. These rewards are influenced by the student's evaluation, with higher evaluations resulting in greater rewards for the mentor. The mentor's role gradually diminishes as the student's level increases, ensuring a balanced and rewarding mentorship experience.


Armadas, the naval organizations within Honkai Impact 3, offer players the chance to join forces and embark on exciting endeavors. Players can access the "Armada" interface, where they can explore recommended armadas or search for specific ones. Additionally, players have the option to create their own armada if they meet the level requirement and possess the necessary resources.

Joining an armada opens up a multitude of opportunities, including participating in commission tasks, utilizing armada facilities, accessing the bonded warehouse, and engaging in boss invasion activities. By actively contributing to the armada, players can earn armada contributions, materials, and other valuable rewards. Armada leadership is a crucial role, and should the leader be inactive for seven days, the vice captain can initiate an impeachment election, ensuring the armada remains dynamic and driven.

Mission System

The daily missions in Honkai Impact 3 offer a variety of objectives that cater to different aspects of gameplay. Players might be tasked with completing a certain number of activities or stages, strengthening specific equipment, or interacting with various in-game features. These missions encourage players to engage with different game mechanics and provide a sense of direction and purpose in their daily play sessions.

Completing daily missions not only rewards players with valuable resources but also contributes to their overall progression. Stamina, a vital resource for undertaking battles and activities, can be replenished through the completion of specific missions. This ensures that players can continue their adventures without interruption and maximize their playtime.

Gold coins, the primary currency in the game, are also rewarded through daily missions. These coins are essential for various in-game activities, such as upgrading weapons and equipment, enhancing skills, and acquiring new items. By consistently completing daily missions, players can accumulate wealth and strengthen their arsenal, enabling them to face more formidable challenges as they progress through the game.

Academic Laurels, a special currency in Honkai Impact 3, can also be obtained through daily missions. These Laurels are valuable resources that can be exchanged for rare and powerful items, providing players with opportunities to enhance their characters and optimize their gameplay strategies. With careful management and allocation of Academic Laurels, players can gain a significant advantage in battles and overcome difficult obstacles.

In addition to the immediate rewards, daily missions contribute to long-term progression through the accumulation of mission points. By consistently completing tasks, players can earn mission points and gradually unlock daily mission rewards. These rewards often include crystals, a premium currency in the game, which can be used to acquire exclusive items, unlock special features, or speed up certain progression processes. Crystals are highly coveted and can greatly enhance the player's experience, making the completion of daily missions a worthwhile endeavor.

Furthermore, weekly mission rewards provide additional incentives for players to engage with the game on a regular basis. By reaching specific milestones in mission point accumulation over the course of a week, players can unlock exclusive rewards that are not available through daily missions alone. These weekly rewards may include rare materials, unique character fragments, or other valuable resources that can significantly impact a player's progression and gameplay options.

Honkai Impact 3


Daily tasks in Honkai Impact 3 are essential for staying ahead and leading other players. It's crucial not to overlook other game aspects as well. Effective communication, whether in the real world or the game world, plays a vital role in personal growth. In Honkai Impact 3, maintaining constant communication with fellow players and building a network allows us to seek guidance when facing challenges, enhancing our overall gaming experience. Additionally, utilizing a Redfinger Android emulator can further accelerate our gameplay progress.