Essential Strategies for Success in Battle Warship: Naval Empire

Battle Warship: Naval Empire is an immersive MMORTS game that plunges players into the thrilling world of naval warfare. With its unique mechanics and strategic depth, mastering this game requires a combination of effective planning, resource management, and tactical prowess. In this article, we will consolidate expert advice and insights from various sources to provide you with essential strategies that will propel you towards success in Battle Warship: Naval Empire. From building a formidable fleet to maximizing resource acquisition.

Battle Warship: Naval Empire

Establish a Strong Foundation

To thrive in Battle Warship: Naval Empire, it is essential to establish a solid foundation. Begin by prioritizing upgrades to your Headquarters (HQ) and research facilities. This will unlock new technologies, units, and features crucial for progression. As you reach Base Level 7-8, a world of possibilities will open up, allowing you to unlock a multitude of game content and features.

Forge an Indomitable Fleet

Building a powerful fleet is key to dominance in naval warfare. Invest in diverse types of ships, each serving a specific purpose. From battleships to aircraft carriers, ensure a balanced composition that maximizes strengths and mitigates weaknesses. Customize your fleet with upgrades, equipment, and specialized weaponry to enhance their combat capabilities. Remember to prioritize the construction and customization of an Attack March Carrier, which will be the cornerstone of your offensive operations.

Optimize Attack March Carrier for Resource Plunder

One intriguing aspect of Battle Warship: Naval Empire is the use of Attack March Carriers. These carriers serve as mobile command centers and can be equipped with powerful attack aircraft. Upgrade the carrier's aircraft and armament to maximize its combat effectiveness. Instead of accompanying your carrier with additional ships, send it alone to attack pirates. This allows you to plunder resources without incurring repair costs for ships. Focus on researching technologies that boost defense and aircraft attack capabilities to maximize the benefits of this strategy.

Utilize March Queues for Resource Gathering

While your Attack March Carrier focuses on combat, leverage your remaining march queues for resource gathering. Allocate carriers to collect resources efficiently, complemented by Tier 1 ships for protection. Tier 1 ships are cost-effective and easier to repair, making them ideal for safeguarding your gathering fleets. Invest in research and upgrades to enhance their efficiency and productivity. Strive for a balance between resource acquisition and fleet maintenance to sustain steady growth.

Resource Management: A Key to Success

Resource management is paramount in Battle Warship: Naval Empire. As your progress accelerates, resources become the lifeblood of your empire. Preserve resources by employing strategic restraint. Stockpile packaged resources and use them only, when necessary, particularly for critical upgrades. Be mindful of the game's pirate-infested world, where other players may plunder your base for resources. Prioritize defensive upgrades, such as the storehouse, to increase the threshold of protected resources. Exercise caution in resource expenditure, ensuring a secure foundation for expansion and progression.

Battle Warship: Naval Empire

Seek Alliance Strength

In the turbulent seas of Battle Warship: Naval Empire, alliances provide invaluable support. Join a formidable alliance that fosters collaboration, mutual growth, and protection. A strong alliance offers shared resources, assistance in battles, and strategic coordination for common goals. By aligning with like-minded players, you can deter potential attackers and enjoy the benefits of collective security.

Learn from Losses and Adapt

In the ever-evolving landscape of naval warfare, losses are inevitable. Embrace defeats as opportunities for growth and learning. Analyze battle reports, study opponents' strategies, and adapt your tactics accordingly. Experiment with different fleet compositions, equipment configurations, and attack approaches. Develop a versatile playstyle that can counter various enemy strategies and exploit their weaknesses. Remember, every defeat brings valuable insights that can ultimately lead to victory.

Participate in Events and PvE Missions

Battle Warship: Naval Empire offers a range of events and PvE missions that provide unique rewards and opportunities for progression. Engage in these activities to acquire additional resources, equipment, and experience points. Events often feature exclusive items and bonuses that can give you a competitive edge. Take advantage of these opportunities to bolster your fleet, enhance your base, and gain an advantage over rivals.

Maintain Active Engagement

Consistency is key in Battle Warship: Naval Empire. Regularly log in to the game, manage your resources, and initiate upgrades. Participate in alliance activities, assist allies, and contribute to the collective growth of your alliance. Stay updated with the game's news, updates, and community discussions to stay ahead of the competition. By maintaining an active presence, you can seize opportunities, forge alliances, and make steady progress towards becoming a formidable force in the game.


As you navigate the vast seas of Battle Warship: Naval Empire, remember that success comes to those who strategize, adapt, and conquer with determination. In this guide, we briefly introduced some game tips, which are very useful for beginners, and if you want to further become a master in Battle Warship: Naval Empire, you can visit the Redfinger Android emulator.