Equipment System in Twelvesky M: Enhancements, Refining, and Fashion Synthesis

The equipment system is an important aspect in the game Twelvesky M, as it determines the strength of players in combat. This guide is primarily aimed at providing everyone with a comprehensive understanding of strengthening equipment, refinement, and fashion synthesis, in order to reduce unnecessary time consumption in the game.

Twelvesky M

Strengthening Equipment

Enhancements play a vital role in strengthening equipment in Twelvesky M. By utilizing enhancement stones, players can increase the power value of their gear. Each successful enhancement boosts the equipment's power value by a significant margin, and the type of material used determines the increase. Crow Iron, Mystic Iron, and Refined Steel are the primary enhancement materials available.

The enhancement process varies depending on the grade of the equipment. For Ming-tier and God-tier equipment of the 1st and 2nd grades, enhancements can be performed up to level 150. At this point, players unlock the ultimate enhancement option, pushing the equipment's power to a maximum of 210. The parts eligible for enhancements include weapons, armor, gloves, shoes, rings, necklaces, and cloaks.

As players progress further and obtain 3rd and 4th-grade God-tier equipment, new enhancement opportunities arise. With 3rd-grade God-tier equipment, players can access the ultimate enhancement system after reaching an enhancement value of 60. The maximum enhancement level caps at 99, providing a significant boost to power. The 4th-grade God-tier equipment follows a similar path, with ultimate enhancements available and a maximum enhancement level of 99. However, with the transcendence system, players can push the limit further to reach a maximum enhancement level of 120. The parts eligible for ultimate enhancements remain consistent across both 3rd and 4th-grade God-tier equipment.

Refining system

The refining system in Twelvesky M offers an avenue for unlocking the hidden potential of equipment. By engaging in the refining process, players can elevate the base power value of their gear by up to 20%. However, it is important to note that refining is exclusive to 1st-grade or higher Ming or God-tier equipment.

Refining is carried out through a step-by-step process. Players can refine their equipment up to level 24, with specific parts eligible for refining, including weapons, armor, gloves, shoes, necklaces, and rings. Successful refinements result in boosted power values, whereas failed attempts only result in the disappearance of material items.

It is crucial for players to exercise caution during refining. Any equipment used for refining purposes cannot be recovered if accidentally misplaced. Additionally, refining counts remain unchanged even after equipment upgrades, with only downgrades resulting in a reduction in refining counts. It is recommended to carefully plan refining strategies to maximize the potential of each piece of equipment.

Twelvesky M

Fashion Synthesis

Twelvesky M embraces the importance of personal style with its fashion synthesis feature. Players can modify the appearance of their fashion items while adding additional attributes, enhancing both aesthetics and power. Fashion synthesis involves a meticulous process that combines main fashion items, attribute-changing fashion items, and material fashion items.

To initiate fashion synthesis, players must interact with the fashion NPCs in the main cities of their respective factions. By placing two fashion items into the synthesis interface, players can create a new fashion item with enhanced attributes and a customized appearance. A nominal fee of 2000 gold coins covers the material costs for the synthesis process.

During fashion synthesis, careful consideration should be given to the attributes of the fashion items being used. Different types of fashion items offer distinct attribute combinations. A Category fashion items randomly apply two attributes from Attack Power, Defense Power, HP, and Internal Power. B Category fashion items offer three random attributes from the same pool. C Category fashion items introduce a variety of attributes, generating one to four randomly selected attributes from Attack Success, Attack Evasion, Attribute Attack Power, and Attribute Defense Power. Lastly, D Category fashion items provide additional options such as Additional Defense Power, Critical Chance, and Pressure Point Resistance, with one to three randomly generated attributes.

It's important to note that D Category fashion items are not influenced by enhancement percentages and offer fixed attribute values. Furthermore, fashion synthesis supports the integration of fashion items from different factions. However, it's essential to remember that while other faction's fashion items can be used for synthesis, they cannot be worn if placed in the main slot.

The fashion synthesis process grants players the ability to preview the outcome before finalizing the synthesis. This preview allows players to assess the attribute changes and ensure they align with their desired outcomes. Careful planning and consideration of fashion synthesis can lead to the creation of powerful and visually appealing fashion items.


Equipment enhancement in Twelvesky M has a certain chance of failure. Therefore, it is essential to make adequate preparations before enhancing. If you are concerned about the low success rate, you can learn more about equipment enhancement through the Redfinger Android emulator to increase your chances of success.