Eldor Legend - The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Powerful Tank Lineup

Eldor Legend is a popular role-playing game that requires players to form a strong team to progress through the game. One of the key elements of a strong team is a powerful tank lineup. A tank is a character that can absorb a lot of damage and protect the rest of the team from harm. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to create the ultimate tank lineup in Eldor Legend.

Eldor Legend

Dusk Saint - Ophelia

Ophelia is a powerful tank that can control the enemy's highest attack power unit and absorb 35% of the damage. This ultimate skill is incredibly useful as it can disrupt the enemy's damage output and protect the rest of the team. Ophelia also has a chance to heal and be immune to damage, healing 10% for each unit that dies on the battlefield, and if accompanied by a summoned character, the healing effect is stronger. 

Iron Wall - Maglor

Maglor serves as a formidable tank, able to mitigate damage and remove negative effects from himself through the use of his sizeable shield. His ultimate skill can draw the enemy's attention and disrupt their backline formation. Maglor's capabilities allow him to secure a spot in a particular lineup during later stages of the arena. Additionally, his passive skill provides a 17% damage reduction, and upon successfully dispelling negative effects, he can heal 7.5% of his health when attacked.

Blind - Winnie

Winnie can unleash devastating damage while simultaneously hindering the adversary's mobility and attack velocity by a staggering 80%. Furthermore, her passive abilities enhance her chance of landing a critical hit, negate defense, enable self-recovery, elevate her evasion and attack potency, and offer an output-boosting buff. Moreover, she can considerably deplete the support characters' resources that are crucial for sustaining the team.

High Priest - Mivvi

Mivvi has the capability to dispel all negative effects and deliver a substantial amount of healing with her ultimate skill. Furthermore, her passive skill reduces damage, augmenting the team's resilience. Together, this combination fosters a synergistic environment that allows the team to flourish. In addition, Mivvi's attacks possess the ability to heal herself while concurrently decreasing the enemy's attack speed for 2 seconds, thus strengthening her support capabilities.

Magic Flute - Raphael

Raphael possesses the ability to captivate his adversaries and lure them into attacking his companions by utilizing his ultimate skill. In addition, he can significantly boost the team's performance by granting a 75% increase in attack speed and a 45% chance of critical strikes to the member with the highest attack power. Whether in the front or back row, he can mend injuries, lower the enemy's attack potential, or reduce their maximum health. As a result, he can be effectively deployed in either position.

Dawn Guardian - Leanna

Leanna can control enemies and provide significant buffs to her own attack power, critical strike rate, and damage immunity with her ultimate skill. Her passive skills are also incredibly strong, randomly providing a large number of amazing buffs that can make her a powerful character. 

Other Factors to Consider

While the tank lineup is critical to a team's success, other factors also play a role in creating a powerful team in Eldor Legend. One of these factors is the supporting characters. A team should have a mix of tanks, damage dealers, and support characters to balance the team's capabilities. It's also essential to consider the equipment for the supporting characters to ensure they can provide optimal support to the team.

Additionally, players should consider the formation of their team. The placement of each character can impact the team's effectiveness. For example, Raphael can be used in the front or back row, depending on the needs of the team. Players should experiment with different formations to find the one that works best for their team.

Finally, it's essential to continue upgrading and leveling up the characters and their equipment. This will help to ensure that they remain effective as the game progresses and new challenges arise.

Eldor Legend


In Eldor Legend, the tank lineup is quite prominent among many similar games, so there are many players who choose tanks. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to download the Redfinger Android emulator before starting the game officially. You can use its multi-account login function to experience the differences between each tank and ultimately determine which character is suitable for you.