Diety of Evernight: Tips to Boost Your Combat Power

Diety of Evernight is a popular online game that challenges players to defeat bosses, conquer challenges, and level up to increase their combat power. In this article, we will share some tips to help you master Diety of Evernight and increase your combat power.

Deity of Evernight

Leveling Up

Leveling up is the most basic way to increase your combat power. In Diety of Evernight, the fastest way to gain experience is to complete daily quests, such as the Daily Task and the Dharma Ancestral Hall and God of War instances. These quests provide a considerable amount of experience, which is essential for leveling up quickly.

To gain access to the Dharma Ancestral Hall, players need to use a pass, which can be obtained randomly by synthesizing materials in the Cultivation mode or purchased using bound ingots. Additionally, if you have VIP4 or higher, it is recommended that you buy additional instance limits. This will give you more opportunities to level up and make progress faster.

Equipment Upgrades

The right equipment can significantly improve your combat power. In Diety of Evernight, the primary way to obtain equipment is to defeat world bosses using stamina or complete the Sword Demon's Mirage instance using instance limits. These methods offer a chance to obtain equipment. Moreover, you can use equipment synthesis to obtain higher-tier armor and equipment resonance.

When forging equipment, remember to upgrade each slot evenly to get the best forging strength for the same amount of copper coins spent. This will also give you the highest strengthening bonus. Additionally, you can feed excess equipment to the Sky-Swallowing Whale to gain experience and upgrade your combat power, or donate it to your gang for gang contribution points. You can exchange these points for other equipment in the gang warehouse. The world boss mode not only drops equipment but also has a chance to drop martial arts manuals. These manuals not only trigger their ability bonus but also trigger various martial arts resonances, which are also one of the ways to increase combat power.

Partner, Mount, Divine Weapon, Hidden Weapon, and Wing Upgrades

Besides leveling up and equipment upgrades, players can also increase their combat power by upgrading partners, mounts, divine weapons, hidden weapons, and wings. After reaching the maximum level, unlocking new partners and mounts can also increase your combat power. Obtaining various partners and mounts is also one of the joys of the game.

Moreover, it is worth noting that in addition to items themselves, even the transformation of costumes, pets, partners, and divine weapons can also increase combat power, providing additional benefits for those who enjoy collecting costumes.

Deity of Evernight


Participating in events is an excellent way to increase your combat power. There are several events in Diety of Evernight that offer rewards such as experience, equipment, and bound ingots. Here are some of the events you can participate in:

Martial Arts Tournament: This event occurs on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights from 9:00 pm to 9:30 pm. You can play up to ten matches. If you win all ten matches, you will receive three reward boxes containing Wing Essence and Purple Essence Chest.

Tianshan Treasure: This event occurs on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights from 8:00 pm to 8:15 pm. This event is a 1v1 random PK, and at the end of the event, you will receive rewards based on your ranking.

Additional Ways to Boost Combat Power

As you progress through the game, you will unlock additional methods to boost your combat power. Here are some examples:

Dragon Vein System: This system is available after reaching a certain level. It allows players to upgrade their skills and boost their combat power.

Scripture Pavilion: This feature unlocks at level 240 and allows players to unlock new martial arts techniques, which can significantly increase their combat power.

Gang Heart Method: This method is available after joining a gang and allows players to upgrade their gang-specific skills, which can boost their combat power.


In Diety of Evernight, if you want to improve your combat power, you need to continue to do various tasks and copies to obtain experience and equipment. These require a lot of time to complete, but the good news is that we can use RedFinger Android simulator to assist in assistance We play Diety of Evernight, which saves a lot of time.