DevilzMu - The Strongest Monster Farming Class

DevilzMu is a MMORPG online game developed in South Korea and launched in China in 2002. As a game from over twenty years ago, its graphics cannot compete with the recent blockbuster online games. However, the character and scene modeling in 3D are still decent. Today, this guide aims to share with players the strongest monster farming class and the best farming locations.


DevilzMu - The Strongest Monster Farming Class

The throne of the PVE champion is rightfully claimed by the Agility Knight, a formidable force. Their proficiency in dual-wielding grants them an attack power bonus, coupled with unmatched attack speed and skill damage percentage. In the advanced stages, they effortlessly attain a staggering 400 attack speed and a terrifying 500% skill damage percentage. It's worth noting that even the former PVP champion, the Warrior, equipped with maximum intelligence at level 1000, could only reach 300% skill damage percentage. The Agility Knight's superiority lies not only in their dual-wielding attack power bonus and high skill damage percentage but also in their Agility attribute, which grants exceptional attack speed and unparalleled screen-wide output. They are inherently designed for efficient monster farming. However, that's not their most significant advantage.

The true strength of the Agility Knight lies in their synergy with other classes such as the Intelligence Muse Elf, the Strength Knight, and the Commanding Grand Master. When combined, the team benefits from various bonuses to panel stats, skill damage percentage, and critical strikes. In perfect harmony, an organized team with the Agility Knight is reminiscent of a lion's roar amplified by a megaphone in a Stephen Chow Kung Fu movie. The damage they unleash is enough to instill fear in anyone, easily exceeding one million damage per second in the later stages. Undoubtedly, they stand as the preeminent class for both monster farming and treasure hunting.

The Grand Master, an exceptional leader revered among leaders, possesses unparalleled abilities that have safeguarded them from mistreatment since birth. They have always been at the forefront, maintaining immense popularity. The Grand Master's advantages are abundantly clear. With their innate talent for a remarkable 10 Agility boost, resulting in a substantial increase in attack speed, and the devastating multi-hit damage of the enhanced skill Wind Soul, they can swiftly overwhelm monsters. Moreover, their versatile abilities and high base skill damage enable them to deal significant harm even without top-tier equipment. Most notably, when combined with Divine Punishment, they become invincible. In the later stages, including an Intelligence Muse Elf in their team allows them to effortlessly achieve over 900,000 damage per second. The Grand Master's extraordinary innate talent, granting them a 50% damage reduction, destined them to be a formidable and resilient force from birth. Consequently, the Grand Master excels tremendously in monster farming.

The Mage, a class that has captivated countless individuals, possesses a captivating appearance, elegant physique, and mastery of magic. For over a decade, they have enticed numerous players into the realm of gaming. Undoubtedly, the Mage ranks among the top three classes for monster farming. Why is that? Firstly, their potential knows no limits. Those familiar with the Mage class understand that with exceptional equipment and high-level configurations, this class has boundless growth potential. Their damage knows no bounds, and advanced Mages can dominate the game. It is worth mentioning their ultimate ability, Soul Protection, which enables them to withstand remarkably high amounts of damage. In essence, the Mage stands as the most effortless and comfortable class for solo farming among all the available options.

Analysis of Farming Requirements in Various DevilzMu Maps

Based on the present circumstances, the quality of experience gained from each new map has significantly improved. To illustrate, in Felicia, a team can accumulate approximately 11,000 experience points, whereas in Nars, the experience gained is around 8,000, and in Underground 1, it reaches approximately 15,000. These numbers indicate slight variations in damage per second due to the higher spawn rates of monsters in the higher-level maps, starting from Felicia. However, the maps prior to Nars exhibit noticeably higher kill rates, establishing Felicia as the dividing line for map progression.


Starting from lower levels, players can rely entirely on the buffs provided by the Phantom Tutor to navigate maps such as Ice Wind Valley and Illusion 2. After reaching level 220, they can continue farming experience in Lost Ground until they reach level 300. Once their defense reaches around 300, they can then farm in Forest 1 until reaching level 400. Although there are several maps available before reaching level 400, their practical significance is currently minimal due to the significant overlap in monster levels. The primary objective is to level up rapidly and progress through this stage.

Once players reach level 400, the focus shifts to team play as solo farming becomes less efficient until healing skills are improved. Thus, having a reliable team becomes essential. This can be accomplished through dual-clienting or by finding compatible teammates.

When players' damage per second reaches approximately 12,000, they can form a 5-player team and engage in farming activities in Nars. The damage requirement for this level of farming is not particularly high. However, if players wish to solo farm comfortably, they should aim for a defense of around 1,400 and a damage per second of approximately 17,000. When operating as a 5-player team, strategic positioning can be utilized to farm multiple areas comfortably. One player can act as a tank, attracting monsters' attention, while the others unleash their attacks from behind.

Farming the Bean Sprouts in the Lake Depths is not recommended after reaching level 700 due to their high attack power. However, once players reach level 770, the monsters in Underground 1, despite having slightly stronger normal attacks, possess elemental attacks comparable to those in Felicia. This underscores the significance of enhancing equipment and diminishes the need for elemental attributes. It's important to note that maintaining a damage per second of 17,000 in Underground 1 leads to slower monster farming. At this stage, players require an average damage per second of around 20,000 across all five characters to farm effectively.


No matter which game it is, monster farming is the best way to gain experience. Therefore, in the early stages of DevilzMu, if you want to stay ahead of other players, you need to choose the best profession and understand the locations for monster farming. When players have questions about monster farming, they can always visit Redfinger Android emulator to get the answers they want to know.

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