Cookie Run: Kingdom | Understanding the Eight Cookie Professions

Cookie Run: Kingdom features eight distinct cookie professions, each with its unique playstyle and strengths. This guide mainly introduces Eight Cookie Professions, by reading this guide, you can learn the skills of each type of cookie to stand out in your game.

Cookie Run: Kingdom

1. Defense Type

Defense type cookies possess exceptional stamina and defense, making them ideal frontline warriors who can absorb damage for the team. However, they often have lower attack power.

Recommended Cookies:

- Madeleine Cookie (Super Rare): Madeleine Cookie converts incoming light into powerful long-range sword attacks, protected from debuffs by the aura of Guangde.

- Avocado Cookie (Rare): Avocado Cookie delivers powerful hammer strikes, causing area damage and boosting the attack power of the highest-attack teammate.

- Warrior Cookie (Rare): Warrior Cookie fearlessly charges forward, dealing area damage to enemies in the front row and taunting them to attack.

2. Assault Type

Assault type cookies possess high stamina and defense, second only to defense type cookies. However, they excel in offensive capabilities and specialize in close-quarter combat, often serving as vanguards in battles.

Recommended Cookies:

- Dark Choco Cookie (Super Rare): Dark Choco Cookie slams the ground with a massive sword, unleashing lightning strikes. The attack deals significant damage to enemies under the effects of disable magic, temporarily reducing defense.

- Werewolf Cookie (Super Rare): Werewolf Cookie struggles with the strength of his paw, causing area damage and transforming into a wolf. After awakening, his stamina improves, allowing him to unleash powerful and wide-range double strikes.

- Princess Cookie (Rare): Traveling princess Cookie delivers a mighty blow with a smile, swinging her wand and causing area damage. Struck enemies immediately experience reduced defense.

3. Surprise Type

Surprise type cookies possess remarkable attack speed, enabling them to swiftly eliminate unsuspecting enemies. While their survivability may not be as strong, they often find a place in the mid to back rows of the team formation.

Recommended Cookies:

- Sweet 'n' Spicy Cookie (Super Rare): Sweet 'n' Spicy Cookie agilely ambushes backline enemies, dealing area damage. The final hit of her four-hit combo delivers a devastating critical blow.

- Adventurer Cookie (Rare): Adventurer Cookie swings on a rope to attack enemies in the farthest range, binding them in the process.

- Ninja Cookie (Rare): Ninja Cookie leaps and rapidly fires two shurikens, damaging enemies within a certain range.

4. Magic Type

Magic type cookies excel in utilizing diverse magical abilities to inflict massive damage, making them a feared presence on the battlefield. They can unleash magic attacks from a distance but have relatively lower defense, often positioned in the mid to back rows.

Recommended Cookies:

- Espresso Cookie (Super Rare): Espresso Cookie unleashes a massive whirlwind, causing multiple area damage to distant enemies and drawing them into the center of the magic.

- Powdered Sugar Cookie (Super Rare): Powdered Sugar Cookie conjures snowflakes with a flick of her wand, summoning the Snow Queen's beast to create a continuous blizzard, causing area damage. Frozen enemies experience a significant decrease in attack speed.

- Blackberry Cookie (Rare): Blackberry Cookie summons little ghosts while increasing our team's critical hit chance. The ghosts flutter among enemies, dealing multiple instances of damage.

5. Support Type

Support type cookies excel in providing buffs and support effects to their teammates, such as damage amplification, debuff removal, and stamina restoration. They often have limited combat and survival capabilities, making them ideal for the back row behind defense or assault type cookies.

Recommended Cookies:

- Mint Choco Cookie (Super Rare): Mint Choco Cookie sweetly serenades to support the team, rapidly restoring the stamina of all cookies and increasing their attack speed.

- Pomegranate Cookie (Super Rare): Pomegranate Cookie uses red magic to slowly restore the stamina of cookies and temporarily boosts the team's attack power.

- Lucky Clover Cookie (Rare): Lucky Clover Cookie banishes debuffs from all team members with a gentle melody, gradually restoring their stamina.

6. Shooter Type

Shooter type cookies serve as the primary source of damage output for the team, delivering multiple attacks on enemies within a short period. Due to their weak survivability, they are typically positioned in the back row to avoid immediate enemy assaults.

Recommended Cookies:

- Rye Cookie (Super Rare): Rye Cookie rapidly fires at the enemy with precise shots, dealing severe single-target damage. The excitement boosts attack speed for a period of time.

- Forest Guardian Cookie (Super Rare): Forest Guardian Cookie charges forward on Cream Tiger, causing area damage and stunning enemies. During the Tiger Knight's charge, she employs her claws for faster and more powerful close-range attacks.

- Beet Cookie (Common): Beet Cookie uses keen observation skills to launch a series of beet arrows at the enemy with the lowest stamina.

7. Explosive Type

Although explosive type cookies may not possess the highest attack power, they are capable of inflicting multiple instances of damage or area damage to enemies. Some of their skills can also apply negative effects such as poison, stun, or slow. Typically, these cookies occupy the mid or back rows of the team formation.

Recommended Cookies:

- Poison Mushroom Cookie (Super Rare): Poison Mushroom Cookie cultivates mushrooms, spreading a purple toxin that leaves enemies mentally weakened. However, there is no ill intent behind it.

- Bubble Gum Cookie (Rare): Bubble Gum Cookie displays her artistic spirit, launching three consecutive bubblegum shots that cause area damage. When enemies are stuck in the gum, their attack speed decreases.

- Cherry Cookie (Rare): Cherry Cookie tosses a massive cherry bomb that causes area damage and stuns enemies upon explosion.

8. Recovery Type

Recovery type cookies act as formidable healers, capable of restoring a substantial amount of stamina to their teammates. However, their damage output and defense are relatively low, relegating them to the back row of the team.

Recommended Cookies:

- Herb Cookie (Super Rare): Herb Cookie's Soothing Garden restores the stamina of all cookies and removes debuff effects on our team. Additional sprouts emerge, gradually restoring stamina.

- Soda Cookie (Super Rare): Soda Cookie uses a freshly mixed cocktail to restore the stamina of two low-stamina teammates and boosts the morale of the whole team, increasing the critical hit rate.

- Kasadi III Cookie (Rare): Kasadi III Cookie heals the two teammates with the lowest remaining stamina and activates a temporary shield.

Cookie Run: Kingdom


Mastering various cookie skills in Cookie Run: Kingdom requires a significant time investment. However, those who wish to acquire these skills quickly can utilize the Redfinger Android emulator. By downloading this emulator and taking advantage of its simultaneous login feature for multiple accounts, players can swiftly complete exercises and expedite their progress.