Beginner's Guide | Where are the sprites in Last Cloudia?

In Last Cloudia, there are various ways to enhance your abilities, and using sprites is one of them. So, where are the sprites in Last Cloudia? Apart from obtaining weapons or accessories through the progression of the main storyline, players can also purchase them from equipment merchants with gold coins after certain plot points. They can also collect materials through activities or exchange them by signing in. However, there is another way to obtain equipment in Last Cloudia, which is capturing sprites.

Last Cloudia

Sprites appear as small orbs on the map and are displayed in a fixed card slot. However, players can only see them if they have completed certain conditions. They must have completed 2-9 and escaped from the Great Wall, and activated the Sprite Research Institute. Upon activating the institute, players receive a Sprite Capture Device that they can carry with them at all times.

Where are the sprites in Last Cloudia?

To find sprites, players need to explore different regions and search for small orbs floating around. Each sprite appears in a specific location, and players must capture them by clicking on the orb to initiate the capture process. Here are the locations where players can find each sprite:

Wind Sprite

Location: Rubel Coast region, specifically in the 1-9 area.

Benefits: Equipping the Wind Sprite provides a +21 Defense accessory and reduces self-received critical damage by 15%.

Water Sprite

Location: Durandal Wreckage area on the Airship.

Benefits: Equipping the Water Sprite provides +27 Spirit and +5 Ice Resistance accessory. When the player is in water, it reduces the self-received magical damage by 10%.

Fire Sprite

Location: Maruruvolia Lava Cave, specifically in the 1-12 area.

Benefits: Equipping the Fire Sprite provides a +94 Attack Flame Sword and increases damage dealt by 15% when using Flame attribute skills.

Ice Sprite

Location: Ranzelia Mountains, specifically in the 2-7 area.

Benefits: Equipping the Ice Sprite provides a +110 Attack Ice Spear and increases the critical hit rate by 3% when using Ice attribute skills.

Quickly capturing sprites method in Last Cloudia

When entering a battle, after about 5 seconds from the appearance of the first wave of monsters, there is a possibility that a sprite may appear. If it doesn't appear, it is recommended to retreat and start over. It is suggested to remove all the relics to avoid consuming soul energy. Additionally, do not use assistance and only bring one or two close combat output units to avoid clearing the monsters before the sprite appears. Repeat this process a few times to increase the chances of a sprite appearing. If you don't have time to capture the sprite during the first wave of monsters, you can still capture it during the appearance of the next wave of monsters.

Capturing sprites is a simple process. Players need to go to the location where the sprite appears on the map and click on the small orb. The orb will fly towards their battle character, and they can then return to the Sprite Research Institute to turn in the sprite they captured. That's it!

Last Cloudia

Does using Redfinger help with catching sprites?

Redfinger is an online game emulator, through which you can download and play Last Cloudia on PC, which will let you experience the fun of playing Android games on a big screen. Because the refresh of sprites in Last Cloudia is random and does not appear often, the large screen can reduce your visual fatigue. However, it is not very useful for directly capturing sprites. Using the Android emulator does not automatically obtain sprites, it is just an auxiliary tool.

How to play Last Cloudia Using Redfinger?

1. Search REDFINGER in Google Play and download the app OR Click the official website and use the app via browser.  

2. Complete sign-in steps to access the Redfinger cloud smartphone. Note: Please see redfinger tutorial videos if you encounter some issues about that.  

3. Look for Last Cloudia in the search bar in REDFINGER APP Store.   

4. Download and install the game in Redfinger.   

5. Run and enjoy playing Last Cloudia with redfinger.


In Last Cloudia, sprites are an important part, so everyone needs to go through the process of capturing sprites. In fact, this process is not complicated, as long as one has good patience, they can obtain all the sprites.