Beginner's Guide | Mount system in AVABEL Classic

AVABEL Classic is a very fun MMORPG game. Although players can explore different tasks and events in it, the mount system is really the most noticeable. AVABEL Classic is different from the mount system of other games, it allows players to ride different mounts on the road, and the visual effects make players more enjoyable. This article is an introductory guide to mounts, so there won't be too many gameplay tips.

AVABEL Classic

How to get a mount?

Getting a mount in AVABEL Classic requires some effort, as players must either purchase a mount egg from the in-game shop or complete quests to obtain one as a reward. Once you have a mount egg, you need to hatch it by clicking on it in your inventory and selecting the "hatch" option.

What types of mounts are there?

There are several types of mounts in AVABEL Classic, each with its own unique appearance and stats. The different types of mounts include:


The horse is a basic mount that the player can acquire from the beginning of the game. The speed and endurance of the horses are average, so the riding experience is not very good. Generally, the horse will be given up after being able to obtain other mounts.


Dragons are a great option for those looking for a mount that is more powerful than the average horse. Both the wingspan and sharp claws are impressive and eye-catching. Not only does it have high speed and stamina, but it also has the ability to breathe fire and unleash devastating attacks. However, this dragon is not easy to obtain.


Chocobos are the fastest mounts. Obtained by completing tasks. While it may not have the stamina of other mounts, the chocobo more than makes up for it in agility.


With its flying ability, Griffin can provide players with great freedom and mobility, so it is the first choice for players who like flying mounts. With its high speed and stamina, the Gryphon is a great support for the player.


For those looking for a truly magical mount, the Unicorn is an irresistible mount. With the ability to heal the player while mounted, the Unicorn is a true lifesaver in times of need. In addition, it has good speed and high endurance, and players can carry them whether they are on the road or fighting. Of course, its appearance is the favorite of female players.

Mount Stats

Each mount in AVABEL Classic has its own unique set of stats, including speed, endurance, and jump height. You can view your mount's stats by clicking on it in your inventory and selecting the "view stats" option. When selecting a mount to use, consider the stats that are most important for the situation you are in.

AVABEL Classic

Mount Equipment

To enhance your mount's capabilities and make it an even more formidable asset, you can equip it with various items that will bolster its stats and abilities.

One of the most basic but essential pieces of mount equipment is the saddle. By investing in a high-quality saddle, you can significantly increase your mount's endurance.

For those seeking greater speed and agility, the stirrup is an excellent choice. By attaching stirrups to your mount's saddle, you can enhance its ability to move quickly and efficiently. 

Lastly, the bridle is an often-overlooked but incredibly useful piece of mount equipment. By fitting your mount with a bridle, you can improve its jump height, enabling it to clear obstacles and navigate tricky terrain with ease. 

Can the mount be customized?

In addition to equipping your mount with items, you can also customize its appearance. You can change your mount's color, hairstyle, and accessories by using items that you can obtain from the in-game shop or as rewards for completing quests.

How to use the mount?

To use your mount, simply click on it in your inventory and select the "ride" option. Once you are riding your mount, you can move around by using the arrow keys or by clicking on the screen. You can also use your mount's special abilities by pressing the space bar or by clicking on the icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. It is worth mentioning that if you can use the Redfinger Android emulator to operate your mount through a large screen, the visual experience cannot be described in words.


In AVABEL Classic, a suitable mount is very necessary, but most people only have the most basic mount horse, and other special types of mounts are difficult to obtain, especially dragons, which are rarely played by players Can get it, so we don't pay too much attention to mounts when playing this game, after all, this is not the whole game.