A Comprehensive Guide to the Professions in Icarus M

Enter the enchanting world of Icarus M, a mobile MMORPG game. Developed by Wemade Entertainment, this game takes inspiration from the popular PC game "Riders of Icarus" and introduces players to a realm filled with magic, adventure, and epic battles. One of the standout features of Icarus M lies in its diverse and intriguing profession system. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the five major professions available in the game: Guardian, Archer, Shadow Assassin, Wizard, and Artist. Each profession possesses unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, offering players a plethora of options to suit their playstyle. 

Icarus M

Guardian: The Unbreakable Defender

In Icarus M, Guardian excels in close combat, utilizing their immense physical prowess to protect their allies and vanquish foes. With their impressive defensive capabilities and powerful melee attacks, Guardians ensure the survival of their comrades while dealing significant damage to enemies.

The Guardian's most iconic skills showcase their might:

- Shield Strike (Active Skill): Summoning three shields to protect themselves while damaging surrounding enemies.

- Punishing Strike (Active Skill): Stomping the ground with force to deal damage. After three uses, it transforms into Punishment Cleave.

- Punishment Cleave (Conditional Skill): Inflicting damage to enemies and leaving them suspended in the air.

- Earth Shatter (Combo Skill): Leaping forward and striking the ground with a devastating sword blow, causing massive damage to targets ahead.

Archer: The Swift Precision

For those who prefer the finesse of long-range combat, the Archer proves to be an impeccable choice. In Icarus M, Archers rain down a hail of arrows upon their enemies, swiftly eliminating threats with their continuous and accurate attacks. Their agility and ability to stun opponents make them formidable adversaries in any encounter.

The Archer's most notable skills demonstrate their precision:

- Diffusion Arrows (Active Skill): Launching five arrows that deal substantial damage. Cooldown time: 8 seconds.

- Precision Shot (Active Skill): Inflicting high damage on enemies. After three uses, it transforms into Rapid Shot. Cooldown time: 10 seconds.

- Rapid Shot (Conditional Skill): Dealing significant damage to enemies and leaving them suspended in the air.

- Starlight Pierce (Active Skill): A basic attack skill that stuns enemies for 3 seconds once it reaches level 10.

- Dragon Wave (Combo Skill): Delivering over 281.7% damage to the target and causing continuous bleeding for 10 seconds once it reaches level 10.

Shadow Assassin: The Stealthy Menace

In the shadows, where danger lurks, the Shadow Assassin emerges as a master of stealth and swift lethality. While their individual strikes may not deliver the highest damage, their unparalleled speed and accuracy make them formidable opponents. In Icarus M, Shadow Assassins excel in close-quarters combat, swiftly dispatching enemies with their lightning-fast movements and precise strikes. Their ability to evade detection and unleash devastating combos sets them apart as silent and deadly adversaries.

The Shadow Assassin's most distinctive skills showcase their agility and precision:

- Moonlight Slash (Active Skill): Executing a 6-hit combo, striking rapidly from six different positions. The fourth, fifth, and sixth hits deal 50%, 100%, and 150% damage respectively.

- Crescent Kick (Active Skill): Dealing four hits of 36.6% damage to the target, leaping and striking downwards. After three uses, it transforms into Half Moon Kick.

- Leaf Fall (Conditional Skill): Capturing a suspended target and causing them to fall to the ground, inflicting 422.4% damage. Deals 120% damage near the landing spot.

- Whirlwind Slash (Combo Skill): Triggered immediately after a basic attack, performing an upward kick and a series of rapid spinning slashes, dealing damage five times to both oneself and nearby targets.

Wizard: The Elemental Sorcerer

Harnessing the raw power of the elements, the Wizard emerges as a versatile spellcaster capable of commanding fire and ice. With their mastery over fire and ice, they rain destruction upon their enemies from a safe distance. Wizards are essential assets to any party, unleashing devastating magical attacks while maintaining control over the battlefield.

The Wizard's most prominent skills demonstrate their elemental prowess:

- Fireball (Active Skill): Summoning a large fireball from the sky to incinerate enemies.

- Ice Shards (Active Skill): Freezing water molecules beneath enemies' feet, immobilizing them while dealing damage. After three uses, it transforms into Ice Cone Barrage.

- Ice Cone Barrage (Conditional Skill): Manipulating frost to freeze enemies and deal 198.6% damage.

- Flame Rain (Active Skill): Unleashing a three-hit attack sequence. The first hit summons a continuous rain of fire, the second hit calls forth flaming balls from the sky, and the third hit utilizes the power of holy flames, dealing high damage to enemies within the area.

- Flame Dance (Combo Skill): Unleashing seven hits of 41.2% damage with a fiery pillar.

Artist: The Creative Force

In a world where artistry meets combat, the Artist emerges as a unique and captivating profession. Despite their petite and adorable appearance, the Artist wields a massive paintbrush that brings forth a multitude of imaginative and devastating attacks.

The Artist's main skills encompass their creativity and prowess:

- Bear's Authority (Active Skill): Summoning a painted bear's paw to strike the enemy.

- Master of the Sea (Active Skill): Drawing the shape of a shark with colored ink, causing the shark to leap from the ground and attack enemies. After three uses, it transforms into God's Power.

- God's Power (Conditional Skill): Summoning a giant shark from the ground to attack enemies and leave them suspended in the air.

- Blossoming (Combo Skill): Depicting the growth process of flowers, from buds to small plants to towering trees, each stage inflicting damage on enemies.

Icarus M


In Icarus M, the choice of profession determines the playstyle and the path to success. By understanding the strengths, weaknesses, and signature skills of each profession, players can make an informed decision and unleash the true potential of their chosen character. With the Redfinger Android Emulator you can try out different playstyles, master the intricacies of your chosen class, and embark on an epic journey through the fantasy world of Icarus M.