A Comprehensive Guide to the Godseal System in Revelation Online

Revelation Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that offers a unique gameplay experience to its players. The Godseal System is one of the game's essential features, adding an additional level of strategy and skill to the gameplay.

Revelation Online

What is the Godseal System?

The Godseal System is a new skill system in Revelation Online. In addition to regular attacks, skills, and ultimate skills, the Godseal System adds a new set of skills that players can actively use in gameplay. These skills are accessed through the use of Godseal slots that players can equip with different Godseals, each with unique effects.

Choosing the Right Divine Imprints

The divine imprints' effects are based on the player's battle circumstances. As such, players must consider which divine imprints to equip in the three available slots carefully. For instance, the "endless vitality" imprint is suitable for the Linglong and Liuguang professions, which possess healing abilities. This is because the healing amount of the skill is calculated based on the player's healing power. On the other hand, the imprint "fight for supremacy" is suitable for all professions as long as they want to output damage, heal, or tank. 

In contrast, the "moving the stars" imprint is generally recommended for auxiliary professions, while output professions are recommended to carry it during PVP. The "free and unrestrained" imprint is suitable for all professions and is recommended for PVP as it enhances the player's pursuit and escape abilities. Since the divine imprints' positions are prerequisites for triggering additional skills, players must choose the appropriate position according to their battle situation. 

Divine Imprints' Cultivation

The divine imprints have unique equipment attributes and four secondary attributes that can be unlocked once the imprint reaches a certain level. Players can refine these secondary attributes by consuming the imprint's material fragments and experience item called "Falling Star Sand." When refining the imprint, players can lock certain attributes that they do not wish to remove, although this will require more materials. 

Divine Imprints' Upgrade

Players can upgrade divine imprints by consuming Falling Star Sand. Upgrading the divine imprint can unlock more secondary attributes and increase the imprint's rating. The main sources of Falling Star Sand are through rewards for completing levels in the divine imprints' battle, campaign star-rated treasure chests, and campaign support rewards. The higher the divine imprint's level, the more powerful the added secondary attributes become. 

Divine Imprints' Blessing

Every divine imprint has a rating, and when the player cultivates a particular divine imprint to a certain rating, the associated attribute blessing is unlocked. For instance, when the divine imprint reaches a rating of 1175, the attribute blessing associated with the 750 rating will activate. Attribute blessings do not require equipment and are immediately effective once they are unlocked. However, since players may have limited materials at first, it is recommended to cultivate their primary divine imprints first.

Divine Imprints' Unsealing

Players need corresponding unsealing materials to unseal their divine imprints. Currently, known unsealing materials include Star Shift, Sky Select, Incarnation, and Free and Unrestrained. When unsealing the divine imprints, a new imprint will randomly generate in one of the three slots, with a one to six-star rating. If the summoned imprint's rating is lower than the player's current divine imprint, it will automatically be disassembled, and the number of materials obtained will depend on the rating of the unsealed divine imprint. However, if the rating is higher than the current divine imprint, it will replace the existing one. 

The primary sources of divine imprint unsealing materials are through divine imprints' battles and Qingqin guard battles. In particular, players can obtain unsealing materials through rewards for completing levels in the divine imprints' battle and from the territory war points shop. It is important to note that the divine imprints battle has a maximum stamina of 180, with each challenge consuming 20 stamina. Players can gain 5 stamina every hour, so it is essential to utilize the stamina wisely to avoid wastage.

In addition, players can also obtain divine imprint unsealing materials by participating in the new feature called Divine Imprint Battle Contract. It is an event that rewards players with divine imprint unsealing materials, materials fragments, and falling stars sand, which are required for upgrading divine imprints. The Divine Imprint Battle Contract has three difficulty levels: Consultation, Strong Enemy, and Decisive Battle. Each difficulty has 30 levels, and players must complete all levels in a particular difficulty level before advancing to the next one.

When players challenge the divine imprint bosses or accumulate enough stars in the Divine Imprint Battle Contract, they can obtain additional unsealing material fragments. Additionally, players can receive daily boss rewards after completing the first challenge, which includes a divine imprint box, providing players with unsealing material fragments.

Divine Imprint Battle's enemy buffs change with each difficulty level, and players have six opportunities to refresh them, with the first three refreshes being free. However, the last three refreshes require binding jade, which players must purchase. Players must strategically utilize their resources and consider their options carefully.

Lastly, divine imprints offer a power boost to players, increasing their overall power by up to 15 times. Therefore, players can attempt to upgrade their divine imprints to improve their chances of success in the divine imprints battle.

Revelation Online


In Revelation Online, the Godseal system holds a significant importance. It is a crucial aspect of the game that requires players to invest time and effort to master all its aspects. To gain a better understanding of the Godseal system, players can refer to various guides available online. Moreover, the Redfinger Android emulator is a useful learning platform to practice and improve one's skills in the Godseal system.