Joint celebration!! Try Pokemon Evolution and win free Redfinger time!

Joint celebration!! Try Pokemon Evolution and win free Redfinger time!
Relive your childhood dreams and embark on a new chapter of fantastical adventure in exploring the world!
◆How to play:
◆You can also paste the installation address to the browser for download
◆Classic animation reproduced!!
Based on the original Pokemon animation, this game faithfully reproduces familiar characters, Pokemon, and storylines. Players will be immersed in the world of the animation they once knew, reliving the wonderful memories that accompanied us growing up.
◆Childhood friends reunite!!
Pikachu, Greninja, and many other classic Pokemon that are deeply ingrained in people's hearts, as well as hundreds of Pokemon from childhood memories, are reproduced in the game. Through the game, players can embark on an exciting adventure with these partners once again.
◆Wild encounters & captures!!
Encounter unknown Pokemon in the wonderful outdoor maps, just like before. Use different types of Pokeballs to capture them, and collect a rich Pokemon Visual Guide! Let every success be full of achievements!
◆Journey of growth and evolution!
Carefully cultivate your Pokemon, grow together, and break through boundaries! Ultimate evolution! Unlock power beyond the norm! Only by forming an unbreakable bond can you unleash the hidden power of the two stones!
◆Cartoon aesthetic visual feast!!
The cute cartoon style gives new vitality to Pokemon. The meticulous art design makes the game world more vivid and lively, and the colorful dream world is right in front of your eyes!
◆Attribute counteraction and turn-based battle!!
With a variety of attribute counteraction systems, the game adopts a 6V6 turn-based battle mode. Players need to carefully match their teams based on the attribute characteristics of each Pokemon and use tactical strategies to defeat their opponents, moving towards the goal of becoming the League Champion.
◆Make up for past regrets!!
Legendary beasts will appear here! Catch them! This is an epic in your pocket!
■This game will be available in English, Traditional Chinese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, and Thai.
[Operating requirements]
Redfinger Cloud Phone v6 or higher
Android 5.0 or higher
Memory: 3GB ※ Android only supports 64-bit devices