The perfect combination of strategy and exploration——Idle Heroes

This article will recommend an interesting placement-based RPG game called Idle Heroes. This game was developed by Chengdu Zhuohang Technology DHGAMES and won the 4th MHA Conference Stone Award and the 6th Golden Tea Award.

Idle Heroes,from the lush Sarah forest to the sacred and majestic highest heaven, embarked on a magical journey with millions of players, leading the heroic team into the ancient ruins and fighting against the evil dark forces. Cultivate heroic teams to fight for justice.

This game is a strategy-based battle game that requires no manipulation. It is full of fun and rich gameplay content: placement, combat, dungeons, hero missions, collection, and development. There are endless exciting things for you to experience!

Players need to choose their own camp and configure different hero roles. In the game, players can participate in various activities, such as missions, copies, arenas, etc., in order to gain experience and rewards and improve their ability and technical level. These activities can not only provide extra experience and rewards, but also help players understand various mechanisms and strategies in the game.
 In addition, Idle Heroes also provides a variety of gameplay and challenges, such as cross-service battle, help battle, individual competition, that players can experience different game fun. At the same time, the game also set up a leader board and honor list, so that players can compete and compare with players around the world.

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