First Session Red Finger Cloud Mobile Player Style Show

we are deeply honored for your attention and support. Now, we are pleased to announce that we will hold a sharing event from November 27th to December 3rd, and join the Discord community to participate in friend invitation activities. We also have the opportunity to receive free Red Finger Cloud phone usage time.

Event details
 Contestants need to use their Red Finger Cloud mobile phone to record exciting operation videos in the game, such as the fun of completing dungeons, obtaining rare equipment, beautiful visuals in the game, exciting lottery moments, and top players on the leaderboard. The video must be original by the contestant and can be selected from any game type.

Activity time: November 27th to December 3rd

Activity Process
1.Participants need to enter the video creativity competition channel.
2.Create a new post and fill in the game name, server region, and game video in the post content.
3.Participants need to upload their videos to the video creativity competition channel for other players to watch and vote.

matters needing attention
1.Discord accounts registered within three days only count works, not likes and comments. 
2.Plagiarism of other people's works is strictly prohibited, and all submitted videos will be used for promotional purposes and community sharing.
 3.Participants are required to abide by the rules of the game and Discord community.

After inviting friends to the Discord community, please @ community administrator [zhuxiaoming]

Event Awards

Voting video number one: Reward s10 cloud phone for 30 days (23.95$).
Participation Award: Uploading works rewards k10 cloud phone for 7 days (5.95$).
Best Comment Award for 10 People: Choose the most interesting comment and reward v8 cloud phone for 7 days (3.95$).
50 Lucky Awards: Randomly select 50 lucky players from the comments and reward them with a V8 cloud phone for 24 hours (0.99$)


After participating in the invitation activity, wait for the administrator @ zhuxiaoming to announce the list to receive rewards!

Invite your friends to participate in the event together. Red Finger Cloud Mobile is preparing rich benefits for you, waiting for you to claim!!!

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