Game recommendations | Mastering strategies, delving deeper into “Tower Defense X”

Tower Defense X is a new game in the popular tower defense genre on the Roblox game creation platform. As mentioned in the previous issue, I believe you still have an impression of it. In this game, we need to command several soldiers and order them to defend our towers and resist the incoming enemies.

This game must resist waves of enemies, but it is different from the usual tower defense formula because some enemies have special abilities and can even directly shoot our towers. In order to strengthen the army and obtain new powerful weapons to protect our base and army, we need to earn more gold and other resources. Eliminating enemies can obtain resources, which requires strategy and skills.

Starting from the single player intermediate mode training, for this strategy, we only need the operator and missile unit tower. Once these two are unlocked, you can enter intermediate mode. At the beginning of the game, simply place two agents in the center of the first part of the map, just before the entrance. As long as we keep upgrading them, it will be enough for us to withstand a few waves of attacks.

By the 10th wave, we should have the ability to place a missile soldier on an elevated platform next to our original position as an operator. When obtaining more funds, it is necessary to continue adding more facilities on this platform and remember to upgrade them.

After the 23rd wave, missile troops were placed on the cliff behind the operators to intercept the enemy who had broken through the initial tower. 33 wavefront upgrade path 2 operator to deal with infiltrators. In addition, in order to prepare for the 30th and 35th waves, low-level agents have been placed on the map as bait for enemies who can attack our tower. This will protect our main dealers from harm.

Widely deploy Pathway 1 missile units to cause maximum damage before the appearance of predators and annihilators. In the final wave, create more missile units and low-level decoy towers, and continue to track the annihilator until he is completely eliminated.

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This game features excellent graphics and exquisite animations. Unlike common Roblox games, these maps are finely crafted, textured, and meticulously designed. Here, I recommend using the Red Finger Cloud phone for gaming, as this can provide a better gaming experience!