Game Tutorial | How to Download“Ragnarok X: Next Generation”on a Cloud Phone

If you like the classic IP of Ragnarok, or you like the big 3D MMORPG mobile game, then“Ragnarok X: Next Generation”has rich gameplay, beautiful graphics, innovative mode, and high playability, and you are sure to be stuck in it.

Inheritance and innovation
“Ragnarok X: Next Generation”inherits the classic elements of the Legend of Wonderland, and also adds new gameplay and design. The game not only inherits the classic elements, but also integrates innovative gameplay and design, bringing a new game experience to players. The new era continues a colorful class system that allows players to choose and experience their favorite characters. Some new careers were introduced to make the development more diverse.

An extremely innovative map
They can roam through the bustling cities, mysterious forests and endless deserts. In this diverse scenes, players plunge into all kinds of fierce battles, challenge all kinds of enemies, and experience the endless adventure in the new era of Wonderland legend.

How to use red Finger Cloud phone to download and play“Ragnarok X: Next Generation”
Step 1: Download and install the Red Finger Cloud phone through the official website or Google Play (iOS users can log in on the web side; moreover, Red Finger iOS users can now download apps from the Apple App Store
Step 2: Login or create a red finger cloud mobile phone account
Step 3: Buy red Finger Cloud mobile phone device (if you are a novice player of Red Finger Cloud mobile phone player, you can experience it for several hours for free)
Step 4: Open the cloud phone, search and download“Ragnarok X: Next Generation” in the built-in app store or Google Play of the cloud phone
Step 5: After the installation, you can use the Red Finger Cloud phone

How to give full play to the maximum ability of cloud mobile phones
To make the best possible of the Red Fingers Cloud phone, if you are a player who wants to earn extra revenue, you can increase the game revenue by opening more small numbers, repeat multiple cloud phones, and run multiple accounts with multiple revenue.

If you are a pure gamer, choose a more powerful model, such as the S10 model of the Red Finger Cloud phone, to ensure smooth game operation, and high-end games can often bring the purest gaming experience. In addition, the reasonable configuration of the settings to achieve the hang-up is also the key. Unlike traditional mobile phones, cloud mobile phones need to consider the power, screen brightness, hot backup temperature and other issues, more convenient and fast AFK.

In short, making full use of the multi-open function of red finger cloud mobile phone, choosing high-quality models and cleverly setting the hanging parameters can easily improve the efficiency in the game and obtain more revenue

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