Game Guide | Solve all temples in ”Black Desert M”!

I.Introduction to 'Black Desert M'
"Black Desert M" has a profound world view, exquisite graphics, smooth operating experience, and rich and diverse tasks and activities, immersing us in a real and mysterious game world. It allows us to gain many challenges and surprises in the game's temple battles.

II.The CP value required to move the Temple of the Black Desert M.
Players need to reach a specific CP value (combat ability) to enter different levels of temples. Once entered, the black elves will guide players to take the correct actions in a specific temple to help them achieve victory. Of course, achieving a CP value may not necessarily lead to an easy victory. At this point, you can try the Red Finger Cloud Phone, where you can easily play games anytime, anywhere, and never miss any battles.

III.Introduction to the Moving Location of the Black Desert M Temple
The temple is difficult to enter and complete, and it takes five levels to completely clear it. Although it is possible to quickly enter the first level of the temple, other levels are not easy. The task content changes every day, as the sandstorm changes the hidden search and targets.


IV.Recommended tools.
In the temple location of 'Black Desert M', battles are inevitable, coupled with rich and colorful game elements. A lower configuration phone may affect the smoothness and experience of the game. Red Finger Cloud phones can help us fully release phone memory, improve the running speed and efficiency of our phones, and better unleash our strength.

V.Value discount activities

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