【Must Have Games】Ragnarok X in Red Finger Cloud Phone

If you like the classic IP of Ragnarok Online, or if you love playing large-scale 3D MMORPG mobile games.And the Ragnarok X has rich gameplay, beautiful graphics, innovative modes, and high playability, which will surely keep you immersed in it.

Ⅰ.What is Ragnarok X?
Ragnarok X is a large-scale 3D MMORPG mobile game full of creativity and imagination. It inherits the classic elements of the fairy tale legend, while adding new gameplay and design elements,Let players experience different game fun in a brand new virtual world.

Ⅱ.Game Overview
In the Ragnarok X, players can freely explore and interact with players from different countries and regions. There are many tasks in the game, including main and side quests. Completing tasks can earn rewards such as experience points, gold coins, and props. Players can freely explore the game, including various scenes such as cities, forests, and deserts, participate in various battles, including PVP and PVE battles, and collect various props, equipment, and pets to enhance their own strength and game experience. The game is easy to operate and has a variety of colorful tasks and challenges. The game screen is exquisite and detailed, and the sound effects are realistic and vivid, allowing players to experience the fun of the game immersively.
In addition, Ragnarok X also provides rich social functions, allowing players to make new friends and establish their own social circles. Here, you can explore every corner of the game with like-minded partners and experience the fun of the game together.

Ⅲ.Job Recommendation

You may advance to Blacksmith and Alchemist.Embark on a unique experience with their signature cart abilities.


You may advance to Wizard and Sage.Use their magnificent elemental skills to deal devastating magic damage.


You may advance to Priest and Monk.Their improved healing will greatly enhance your combat capabilities.


You may advance to Knight and Crusader.They are durable tanks that possess superior defense and physical attacks.


You may advance to Hunter and Bard.Let loose a hail of their deadly arrows from afar.


You may advance to Assassin and Rogue.They can deal destructive damage with bursts of potent blows.


Advance to Expanded Super Novice for a more diversified skills and weapons combination!

Ⅳ.Simple Gameplay
1.Find the General Merchant on the large map's NPC list to buy and sell combat supplies.
2.Buy mining items,choose Mining,and tap Auto-Path to go mine a Vein and obtain various upgrade materials, allowing you to upgrade your Equipment.
3.Once unlocked, you can join a Guild,Complete Guild Orders to get Guild Contribution used to obtain attribute buffs based on your class,to get various attributes and become stronger!
Ⅴ.Game Tools Recommendation
Ragnarok X features multiplayer, high-quality graphics, and demanding network requirements, The Red Finger Cloud Phone supports multiple mobile phones and games to automatically run simultaneously. Even if the cloud phone is turned off, the game will not be interrupted, enabling offline mobile games to replace users with boring daily tasks, freeing up phone memory, and saving time.
We recommend using the Red Hand Cloud Mobile K10 for a smooth gaming experience. Red Hand Cloud Mobile devices are known for their minimal power consumption, ensuring seamless performance, allowing you to jump into the action at any time,enabling offline mobile games to replace users with boring daily tasks! 
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Easy Operation Guide for Red Finger Cloud Phone:
1.Log in to the Red Finger APP and click on the cloud phone screen to enter control mode. 
2. By clicking on the floating button on the screen, you can view the included functions. 
3. Professional mode can be switched through the floating button for convenient and fast operation. 
4. Triangle corresponds to return, circle corresponds to return to virtual desktop, and rectangle corresponds to quickly switch to other applications.

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