Red Finger Cloud Phone takes you to play Roblox Piggy

If you crave intense, stimulating, and extreme survival gameplay, then Roblox's "Piggy" will immerse you in it and make you unable to pull yourself out. In this article, we will answer why "Piggy" is one of the best horror survival games you must try!

Ⅰ.What is Piggy?
Roblox Piggy is a very popular game on the Roblox platform, and it is still one of the best games ever made on Roblox. It combines survival horror elements and cartoon style while completing various tasks and challenges. There are multiple game modes in the game, including single-player mode and multiplayer mode, which players can freely choose.
Ⅱ.Game Overview
Piggy is an online survival horror game. There are multiple maps for players to explore. In the game, players need to avoid the monster known as "Piggy". Players can play as a pig (or its friend) or a survivor, and have multiple game modes. You can run around the map to chase others, or try to escape to survive. Both the game's graphics and music can immerse you, making you nervous even while sitting in your seat. Your different choices will affect your next adventure.
Piggy is not just about running around various maps, as there is also a puzzle element in the game - just like a survival game of Resident Evil. As you explore as a survivor, keep your eyes open for colored keys, unlockable safes, tools, and so on, all of which are crucial to your survival.

Ⅲ.Introduction to the characters
1. Willow Piggy
Willow Piggy and Mr. P are antagonists in Roblox Piggy, and they did not appear in Volume 1. Willow Piggy and Tigry are the main antagonists in Piggy: Book 2.

She is the main villain, especially in the first half of the second volume, and then becomes a reformed deuteron antagonist in the second half. She is the leader of the famous criminal organization The Silver Paw and a backup robot for the Factory.
2.Tio Piggy
Tio Piggy is the overall villain who is invisible in Volume 1 and the main villain in Volume 2. He also goes by various names such as Entity, Arrogance, or Evil One. He first appears in the Temple – Chapter 10.

The first is the title character itself, Roblox Piggy.She is the true rival of the game. Without Piggy, there would be no Roblox Piggy game for players to play.When she follows the player in the game, she is simple but absolutely terrifying. Quite mysterious!

4. Devil

In second place is the devil, who is considered to be one of the coolest Roblox pig characters. It has huge red wings, a pitchfork for a weapon, and a dark red face. The demon skin is one of the most terrifying jumps in the game. It will pick up the pitchfork and thrust it into the player's body without hesitation.

5.Mr. P
In "Piggy: Book 1", he is the main villain. This character is like a cross between Mr. Potato Head and the Terminator, complete with red eyes and arm weapons; we don't need to turn around to see the terrifying purple potato on his tail.

Ⅳ.Simple Gameplay
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2.Basic gameplay of the game
(1)Survivors' Tasks
The main goal is to locate all of the items needed and use them in each of their respective uses to get the final items to escape the map or reach a goal, all the while escaping Piggy and their traps. 
(2)Piggy's Tasks
The main goal is to locate the survivors and kill them. On the Infection gamemode, when you attack a player, they will become a Piggy too. You can get stunned with offensive items like the gun (if the player has ammo) or by a friendly NPC like Zizzy, Pony, Bunny, etc. Also, you can place traps to help you kill the survivors easier, since they will get stunned if they step into them. You cannot use traps in infection gamemode, though.
(3)Traitor's Tasks
The main goal is to kill all the other survivors or to escape the map, you can get killed by the gun, (if the player has ammo) crossbow, (if the player has a carrot) Piggy, (but not the friendly NPCs) or even environment (such as falling off the plank in house or stepping in acid).

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