NightCrows Games & Redfinger community carnival season

We planned a great event in the Discord community last week! Specially for our game circle of iron fans and new adventurers to create, flying together in the NightCrows magnificent battlefield!
🔥Redfinger The community and NightCrows dream linkage activity heat is not reduced, is full open ing! Many friends have rubbing their hands, enthusiastically participate in it, harvest full oh 

🎁 During the activity, we sent a wave of great welfare, so that everyone who loves the game you full return! The babies who haven't joined the party yet, act quickly! Because here wonderful, gifts do not stop, every moment there are new surprises waiting for you!
So, my friends, what are you waiting for?👉 Beat the blackboard to join the Redfinger community quickly, to participate in the grand NightCrows linkage activities, massive prizes waiting for you to win, infinite joy waiting for you to share! Let's high turn over this virtual battlefield 💪✨
🌈💫【Night crow game, community heat wave】🎉
📢 ① "Night Raven" wonderful moment SHOWTIME! After the successful installation and registration of Night Raven, leap into our exclusive Discord channel [NightCrows], just post easily, remember to add the [Night Raven moment] tag before the title! Post your peak duel in the game, gorgeous skills screenshots or cool video, and attach at least 30 words of vivid explanation, together with the audience!
💡 ② "Night Raven" god assist tools big competition! Redfinger Cloud mobile phone, your game artifact to bear!24h uninterrupted hanging up, hd and smooth as real machine experience, more can hand in hand with Auto Clicker and other practical plug-ins, help you bid farewell to the repetitive and tedious tasks, focus on the lively and smooth fierce battle! Just publish the theme in the Discord community, the title with [night crow auxiliary] label, illustrated and illustrated reveal your collocation of Redfinger unique auxiliary play, 50 words to share, immediately compete for the best auxiliary talent!

👥③ Friends rally, share the happy time! Dear Redfinger users, you all have an exclusive invitation code in the Discord community! Invite your good gay friends and comrades in the game to join our big family and share the endless fun of the world of Night Rrow! Call out friends, double happiness, together to open a new chapter of adventure in the cloud!💖
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