Redfinger Helps |The Witch's Justice Redemption

🌍 In this world, girls known as "witches" suffer from fear and hatred due to their extraordinary power. When disasters swept across the earth, the Rankinus Church launched a witch hunt operation, and the witches were executed one after another, causing the world to gradually go crazy. Curse Manyan, burn the country with hellfire, devour the kingdom with crystal magic, purify the empire with the Tree of Life.

💔 In a moment of despair, these fragile witches stepped forward, determined to save the world. They believe that liberating the land is a just act, and even if their hearts are fragile, they bravely fight for justice and hope, guarding their beliefs in their hearts. 💪

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🎨 Art Design: Beautiful watercolor style, with blurred and artistic characters. The official confidently called it "the first RPG in history that is enough to make a name for art history.". 🖼️

🎼 Luxury soundtrack: closely integrated with a worldview, with a luxurious lineup of voice actors, including well-known voice actors such as Kazuka Kawaze and Kiki Mizuse. 🎵

🎲 Gameplay: Card placement gameplay, character development, plot advancement, social interaction, and activity challenges. Although simple, the beautiful style and artistic sense of the characters attract a large number of players. 🕹️

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📖 Plot highlights: Each character has a unique lyrical poem that reveals their inner world. A game world full of mystery and unknowns, exploring fields and solving puzzles. The plot is gripping and the multi storyline is rich in content. The plot development is gripping, full of twists and surprises, and the multi line narrative structure enriches the game content, allowing players to experience more emotional resonance and thinking 📜

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