Redfinger joins you to enjoy the feast of the most beautiful female gunfight

Commander, join us and together we shall save this world!

Mankind has been driven to the depths of the earth. Gathering all their technological prowess, humanity created the "nikke" 
Girls board an elevator that has remained dormant for decades, heading towards the surface. Humanity can only pray. These girls shall become our arrows, our blades of vengeance. Carrying with them names imbued with hope and prayers, they journey to the surface, bringing humanity's last hope for victory.

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🔥Stunning Characters Take Center Stage!🔥
Designed by the renowned Korean artist Kim Hyung-tae, these exquisite character illustrations are flawlessly replicated in-game. Unite with the vivacious and unique NIKKE girls on a quest for counteroffensive!
👀Visual and Technical Masterpiece👀
Employing cutting-edge art techniques, supreme quality graphics, and advanced technologies like Lip Sync animation, immerse yourself in breathtaking combat scenes as if you were right there in the action!
🏠Immersive Storyline and Worldview🏠
 Experience a gripping new worldview filled with emotional impact. This heart-pounding adventure boasts a poignant script that will touch every nerve, leaving you yearning for more!

🎯Strategic Battles Intertwined with Passion🎯
With a diverse array of firearms and distinctive character skill systems, challenge formidable foes. Combine wisdom and courage to navigate the ever-changing tactical battles, showcasing unparalleled control on the battlefield!

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