The certificate issue to use Redfinger on ios devices

    Regarding the certificate issue to use Redfinger on ios devices, sometimes the Redfinger app cannot be opened. We understand that the certificate issue has troubled you so much but we are also very sorry to inform you that this is the only way for you to use Redfinger on ios devices,the issue is unavoidable, and it will happen again. Please renew or purchase an ios plan if you know the risks.

    The reason for this issue is that our app cannot be put on the app store, it can only be in the form of the certificate, and the certificate sometimes fails. After the certificate fails, our staff will take a long time to find a new corporate certificate, and even have the risk of not being able to temporarily find a new one. The staff will try to upload a new available installation apk as soon as possible, but no specific recovery time can be guaranteed. So we do not recommend iOS users to buy a long-term package.

    Meanwhile, when you encounter the problem that cannot be trusted about IOS certificate, you can use the Redfinger browser version to solve the problem that the iOS app cannot be used, and wait for the new certificate to be ready.

    • After the new certificate is ready, follow these steps below to reinstall Redfinger iOS client.

        1. First make sure you uninstall the old version, and then visit on the official website : to download the new one.

        2. After installation, go to Settings>General>Profiles and Device management>Trust the new certificate. (Please note: the certificate name may change later, but the operation location and method will not change)

        3. 紅手指雲手機防掉簽攻略

        We will then ban new users of the iOS client from signing up, leaving the login function for old users only. If you can accept and take the above risks and are still willing to continue using iOS, you can register a new iOS account by contacting our official customer service.

        Please save our official website,and follow our fb page We will make announcement if this happens again.  Thank you for your support and understanding!