Remote/Virtual Android OS operating guide

Hyperspace can not only achieve the application  24 hours online on Android, at the same time, Hyperspace provides a variety of personalized settings from the perspective of users' habits, which allows players to set applicaitions more in accordance to their preferences and habits. The virtual desktop has built-in Play store, Firefox browser, settings, file manager and so on.

  1. Setting mainly includes input method, date and time, smart pointer, the management and installation of applications and detection update.
    • Input Method: You can switch the input method, with the application of the market input method settings synchronization, the software comes with the input method will also be displayed, such as gaming cellular input method, but it is not recommended to use, if you use will cause the input method can not Ejection situation.
    • Date and Time: set the date and time, synchronizing with of the application market time setting synchronization. You can set the time zone yourself, or you can use the network time.
    • Application Management: Manage the installed applications and uninstall the apps.
    • Smart Pointer: Turn on and off the pointer, synchronized with the application market time settings.
    • System Update:  Click System Update when the system has an update.
  2. The apps installed on the virtual desktop can also be uninstalled. Long-press the application and the “X” uninstall button pops up. Click "X" AND confirm the uninstallation.