Request a cloud device

Hyperspace offers you instant access to cloud-based Android devices running pre-rooted OS. It allows users to purchase licenses to run certain amount of Android devices with as close to real hardware capabilities as possible.

Step 1: Launch Hyperspace cloud Android phone

Tap to launch Hypersapce Cloud Android Phone - Best android emulator for pc, mac, ios.

Step 2: Click "GO" to add your first Hyperspace phone

Step 3: Choose free trial or paid subscription

  • Free Trial

    You can request ONE Hyperspace Cloud Phone for free trial after successful registation and log in.

    Request free trial Hyperspace cloud android phone to experience 100% Android experience based on cloud.

  • Paid Subscription

    You can subscribe Hypersapce at any time. Order packages will be a good deal. 30-Day Subscription can save 50% money; 90-Day Subscription will save 44% and 180-Day Subscription can save 45%

    • Enter Hyperspace and click "Add" to choose your cloud phone service.
    • Choose among "30-Day Subscription; 90-Day Subscription and 180-Subscription" and click "subscribe now".