Paid subscription

Hyperspace currently offers four types of cloud phones: request a cloud device (experience cloud phone); 30-Day Subscription; 90-Day Subscription and 180-Subscription cloud phone.

How to subscribe a Hyperspace Cloud Android phone

1. Launch Hyperspace, add your first or swipe to the right to add another

Add another Hyperspace cloud android phone, best android emulator for coc

2. Choose a subscription and click "subscribe now".

Purchase subscriptions to get yourself a unique hyperspace cloud emulator android phone, best android emulator for pc, mac and ios

3. Tap "CONTINUE" to the next step.

choose one subscription to pay for hyperspace cloud emulator, the best android emulator to play coc

4. There are several payment methods.

  • Credit or debit card.
  • PayPal
  • Redeem Code

choose payment method to complete subcription for hyperspace cloud device, best android emulator for pc, mac and ios

Choose one way to complete the paying process. Tap the other area of the screen instead of the paying box to cancel the payment.